Ukrainian Forces Advance in Donetsk Region Amid Ongoing Fighting with Russian Occupiers

Monday 29 May 2023 04:29 Photo: Ukrainian military advance in Donetsk region (facebook/MinistryofDefence) Fighting is going on between the Ukrainian military and Russian occupiers along the entire front line. Ukrainian forces are carrying out counterattacks in the Orekhovo-Vasilovka area and are advancing along the Donetsk direction. The situation in Kharkiv and Lugansk regions Fighting in […]

“Russian Army Uncovers Ukrainian Saboteurs Behind Ammunition Warehouse Explosions”

The Russians caught two saboteurs who worked for the Ukrainian special services. Russian military propagandists sound the alarm and report that Ukrainian saboteurs are operating in the ranks of the occupying army of the Russian Federation. The day before two of them blew up warehouses with ammunition of the Russian army. Mikhail Luchin, a Russian […]

“Ukraine Ready for Counter-Offensive as Russian Troops Prepare for Defense”

The Ukrainian army has been planning a counter-offensive for months and could strike at any moment, while Russian troops are preparing for defense. Ukrainian armed forces are ready to launch a counteroffensive, and this can happen “tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or next week”. About this in an interview with the BBC informed Oleksiy Danilov, […]

“F-16 Fighter Jets to Patrol Ukrainian Skies Starting This Fall: Latest Updates”

Saturday 20 May 2023 15:58 Photo: F-16 ( F-16 fighter jets may start patrolling the Ukrainian skies this fall. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine hinted at the “air force blockbuster”. “Already this fall! The biggest air force blockbuster of all time! F-16 in the skies of Ukraine! We will protect our skies!”, – writes […]

“Ukrainian Armed Forces Advance in Bakhmut Despite Fierce Fighting”

“While we share this situation: the city and the suburbs. In the suburbs, we continue active operations – this is north and south, yesterday I literally gave information on how much we have advanced there. On the one hand, it seems like a short distance. We talked about approximately 20 square kilometers. And yesterday we […]

“The Goal of the Enemy: Initiating New Recruits to Fight to the End”

The goal of the enemy is to ensure that his recruits do not surrender and fight with them to the end. On video with execution Ukrainian prisoner of war invaders “initiate” a new recruit, so that he stains his hands with blood and does not surrender, fighting on the side of the invaders to the […]