Lavrov: Russia will protect Russians in Donbass

Фото: Getty Images Lavrov believes that Ukraine is preparing a military operation in Donbass The Russian Foreign Minister threatens with an “adequate response” to “any military provocations of Kiev against the Donbass.” Hundreds of thousands of Russians live in Donbass and the Russian Federation will protect them, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in an […]

Three Russians and a Ukrainian are guilty of shooting down the Malaysian plane

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on July 17, 2014. PHOTOS: Reuters, archive Three Russians and a Ukrainian are fully responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. The Dutch prosecutor’s office said today and called for them to be found […]

Attitude of Ukrainians and Russians to each other has worsened – poll

Activists erected 150 flags in front of the Russian Embassy in Kiev in memory of 15 thousand people killed in Donbass The attitude of Ukrainians towards Russia depends on the region. In the east, Russians are treated better than in the western region. The attitude of Ukrainian citizens towards Russians has worsened compared to February […]

“FSB and GRU agent” was not allowed into Ukraine

Photo: Still from video A Russian who pretended to be an agent of the special services was not allowed into Ukraine The foreigner arrived at the capital’s Boryspil airport by flight from Abu Dhabi. At the control, he provided a passport in the name of a 45-year-old citizen of the Russian Federation, but he assured […]

A Russian ship with a drunken crew was detained in Poland

Photo: The ship almost crashed into Sobieszewski island in Gdansk The ship’s captain had 2 ppm of alcohol in his blood, and two officers had 1.5 ppm each. The ship almost rammed the local beach. In the Baltic Sea, Polish border guards detained a Russian ship that nearly rammed the beach. The cargo ship […]

Russians will start injecting COVID-19

Photo: The oral form of Areplivir is already included in the current guidelines for both outpatient and inpatient stages. Full-scale production of Areplivir on the basis of Biochemist AO and its delivery to medical institutions in Russia will begin in December. Russia has developed the first direct-acting injectable drug for the treatment of COVID-19 […]

Senior military among dead Russians in sauna at hotel in Albania (Video)

PHOTO: PIXABEY The mysterious death of four Russians in a hotel in Albania just an hour after their accommodation has raised suspicions that a murder conspiracy may be behind it, given the high military post held by the father of the Russian family, the Albanian Daily News reports. The publication quotes the opinion of criminology […]

Four Russians suffocated in a hotel sauna in Albania

Photo: Albanian Daily News Albanian police find out the details of the tragedy Among the dead – two men and two women aged 31 to 58 years. They were vacationing in Albania. The bodies of four Russian citizens were found in a hotel sauna in Albania. The cause of their death was asphyxiation, the newspaper […]

An armed Russian was detained in Donbass

Photo: The military detained an armed Russian Russian citizen Andrei Kosyak carried out undercover reconnaissance of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is also suspected of murder 11 years ago. The Ukrainian military detained in the Donbas an armed Russian who fought as part of an illegal armed group. This was […]