15 proposals put forward by representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress, 1312 proposals have been completed_ 东方 Fortune.com

Original title: 2020 Municipal People’s Congress Work Tour·Representative Work | 15 proposals put forward by the Municipal People’s Congress, 1312 suggestions have been processed Call for improvement of emergency response to major epidemicsmechanism, Pay attention to the construction of the dual-city economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing area, and suggest to rectify the hidden fire safety […]

Pontedera, the GimFive gym on Friday 15th January will be open

Runs hard there protest between traders and small entrepreneurs a few hours after the officialization of the Dpcm which from next January 16 will regulate our daily life. The Coronavirus emergency shows no signs of decreasing in intensity, and with it too restrictions and the limitations in working life and during free time. Two tracks […]

New state of emergency stirs up debates

It is a text which should generate a lot of outbursts in Parliament. In the Council of Ministers, Wednesday, January 13, the government adopted the – much contested – bill authorizing the extension of the state of health emergency until 1is June. In response to emerging criticisms, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson explains that the epidemic […]

Currency and Malaysia stock market plummets after coronavirus emergency declares

January 12, 2021 325 “Malaysia” faces currency – Malaysian stock market falls After declaring a state of emergency until Aug. 1 to control COVID-19. Stock market andRinggit Malaysia’s fall today After Malaysia’s King Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah declared a state of emergency nationwide until Aug 1, with the aim of allowing the government to postpone […]

Hospital staff in Rio de Janeiro: “We have run out of strength”

“I can’t give any numbers. There were just too many.” Victor Augusto Azambuja is an intensive care doctor at the Ronaldo Gazolla Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Last year, 2,603 ​​people died of Covid-19 in the clinic, including doctors. “We have lost many colleagues who have worked in technology or in nursing,” says nurse […]

The Royal Gazette announces an order to prevent COVID-19.

January 9, 2021 1,182 The Royal Gazette announces an order to prevent COVID-19 to load an app “Mor Chana-Thai Won” On January 8, 64 websiteGovernment gazette Publicize the announcement of the Security Emergency Response Operations Center No. 2/2564 on Compliance with the Regulations issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in […]

Hospitals and funeral homes in Los Angeles collapsed by COVID – Noticieros Televisa

The Angels registered 18 thousand new cases and 318 deaths from COVID-19, becoming the most affected county in U.S due to the disease, that is why the Los Angeles Health authorities asked the emergency services do not enter patients unlikely to survive We recommend you: 2021 Grammy Awards postponed due to increased COVID infections in […]