The Presidential Office named the countries-guarantors of Ukraine’s security

Photo: Andriy Yermak listed potential security guarantors for Ukraine – – There must be specific working guarantees, because Ukraine already has a negative experience of the Budapest Memorandum, the head of the Presidential Office said. The permanent members of the UN, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Israel and Italy should become security guarantors for Ukraine. About […]

Russian businessman spoke about the difficult life due to sanctions

Aven considers the sanctions unreasonable and capable of causing “undue damage” to employees, customers, partners and businesses. Sub-sanctioned Russian businessman Pyotr Aven said he did not have enough funds to pay basic bills. He spoke about this in an interview. Financial Times. “Can I afford a cleaning lady or a driver? I don’t drive a […]

Captured Russian pilot confesses to killing unarmed Ukrainian after landing – UNIAN

A resident of Chernihiv region chased the enemy with a pitchfork or other tool. The captured Russian pilot admitted that after landing he killed an unarmed Ukrainian / screenshot from the video – Russian Su-34 pilot Alexander Krasnoyartsev told in more detail about how he was taken prisoner. After ejection and landing, he killed an […]

Putin plans to expand war in Ukraine – AP

Russian ship burning in the port of Berdyansk – – The Russian Federation resorts to the tactics of besieging cities, bombarding them from afar, and its ground forces are mostly stagnant. The war in Ukraine is approaching a new, potentially more dangerous phase. AR on Friday, March 25th. The publication believes that Russian President Vladimir […]

500 Javelins and Stingers a day needed to defend against Russia – UNIAN

Ukraine has said it could face a potential shortage of weapons amid Russia’s ongoing offensive. photo REUTERS – Ukraine over the past few days has updated its list of desirable additional military assistance from the US government to include hundreds more anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles than previously requested. This is stated in a document provided […]

Russian helicopter in Kharkiv region fired at its own positions – huge damage was done

The invaders decided to save the Armed Forces of Ukraine time and ammunition. Russian helicopter in the Kharkiv region fired at their own positions / photo Newsweek – The Russian occupying army has obvious communication problems. How else to explain the fact that the enemies periodically arrange battles with each other. In early March, near […]

Russia expels US diplomats and declares US employees “persona non grata” – UNIAN

This move was a response to Washington’s expulsion of 12 diplomats from Russia’s permanent mission to the UN in New York. illustration of REUTERS – Moscow announced the expulsion of American diplomats from Russia. This is stated in a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday. According to the statement, a senior diplomat […]