Demo ticker Dresden: Police initiate numerous investigations

Around 1,000 participants gathered on Saturday for a demonstration by the right-wing scene. Hundreds of demonstrators opposed them. “A clash between the two camps could be prevented,” said police chief Lutz Rodig. A total of around 1,900 police officers were on duty. The preliminary balance of the police: Investigations were initiated against four participants in […]

Sinegubov calls to be in shelters

Several explosions were heard by Kharkov residents on the evening of 10 January. The first explosion occurred at 22:53, after which an air raid warning was issued in the region. A few minutes later, a second explosion followed. Head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov confirmed enemy attacks and urged to stay in shelters. About […]

Israel is the only democratic country that has not mourned the mass deaths of Ukrainians since the summer – Ambassador of Ukraine

“The Israelis are just playing, President [Украины Владимир] Zelensky spoke last Friday with [новым главой правительства Израиля Биньямину] Netanyahu and said everything we expect from them. But Israel remains the only democratic country that hasn’t once expressed condolences since the beginning of summer over the shelling of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and the mass deaths of […]

Russia is assembling a grouping for an offensive

By the way informed press center of the OPU. It is important for Ukraine that its partners not only know what is happening on the front line, but also receive up-to-date information on its needs and plans, next operations, Yermak said in a briefing after the meeting. The head of the OPU expressed his belief […]

Kharkiv under fire –

Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov reports bombing of the city. “Kharkov is under fire. Please take cover and take precautions,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. Ukrainian media also reported shelling and smoke over the city. An aircraft danger alert has been announced in the Kharkiv region and the regional center. An air threat alert has […]

A firecracker blast and Zahraa returns to the bombing of Iraq

NO ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 1:15 pm “Bam! This is the worst,” says Zahraa (19), who fled Iraq. “Those colors aren’t bad, but suddenly you’re shaking completely.” The fireworks remind her not of a party, but of a bomb attack in Iraq seven years ago. New Year’s Eve is a difficult time for many people traumatized by a […]