Kremlin denies Lukashenko’s request to Putin for arms supplies :: Politics :: RBK

The President of Belarus did not ask for the supply of new Russian weapons, Peskov said. Earlier, Lukashenka himself stated his request, noting that “recent events show that it is necessary to defend the interests of both Belarusians and Russians more courageously” Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin (Photo: President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko did […]

Viral Gegara plays Bu Tejo, Here’s Siti Fauziah’s Feeling

Jakarta, Insertlive – Siti Fauziah | did not expect to be viral like now because of a short film titled Look. He did not expect that the figure of Bu Tejo, played by him, was now excited social media. He admitted that he actually wondered why the film was viral now. The reason is, the […]

Shockingly, Bu Tejo’s motivation to attack Dian in Tilik film

After three minutes of the movie rolling, Bu Tejo was openly attacking Dian. “People might think that Mrs. Tejo is not gossiping for a day, it feels like something is missing. For me, Bu Tejo is not that simple, ”reminded Siti Fauziah. The wealth that Bu Tejo and her husband who works as contractor for […]

Singing 2020: Karina, The Little Princess, impacted with a short black mini dress

Karina, The Little Princess, is not only the revelation of the jury of the Singing for your returns. its look, every night, sets trends. “In black and with a short mini dress. Very pretty Kari as always ”, he introduced her Angel de Brito. “With braids”, he said Laurita Fernandez. Floppy Treasure got angry Floppy […]

6 Facts Behind Bu Tejo’s Figure in Movie View … pg. All Name Siti Fauziah | or Ozie mentioned by the public after a successful role Bu Tejo of Watch films which was directed by Wahyu Agung Prasetyo. Through his spoken words, Ozie is able to play with the emotions of the audience. Here are a series of facts about the figure of Ozie with his […]