“Iran Executes Three Men Allegedly Involved in Last Year’s Protests”

Amnesty InternationalThe three Iranians NOS News•today, 12:09 Iran has executed three men alleged to be involved in the deaths of an agent and two members of a government militia during one of last year’s protests. The protests were prompted by the death in September of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She died in a police cell after … Read more

Police use rubber bullets against Iranian protesters

Hundreds of people in Switzerland have asked for solidarity with the Iranian people. There have been numerous protests in Iran following the death of a young woman. People demonstrate in Bern against the regime in Iran. – Keystone A.D the essentials in short A young woman died in police custody in Iran. She was arrested … Read more

Putin is recruiting mercenaries for the Ukraine war in Syria

SThey carry Russian flags and banners from which the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin greets. Also emblazoned on a poster is the Z “for victory” painted on the Russian military vehicles now rolling through Ukraine. They wear Syrian regime uniforms. They shout, “With our soul, with our blood, we will defend you, O Bashar.” The video … Read more

Call of Duty comes up with a new means of fighting cheaters – it will put honest players on their level – oTechnice.cz

The problem with cheaters in games is very difficult to solve. If their account is blocked, they will often simply create a new one. Popular games that address this issue, including Call of Duty, are therefore looking for other possible ways to fight cheaters effectively. An interesting solution is new Damage Shield mode in the … Read more

Millions of years ago Planet Earth was ruled by the ‘flower regime’

NewsBulukumba – Planet Earth not completely controlled by dinosaurs in its era but there are alsoregime flower‘ millions of years ago. Reported by WartaBulukumba.com from Science alert on Saturday 8 January 2022, according to a 2021 paper, evolution plant flowering has set off an explosion diversity life from Planet Earth. Most of the plant what … Read more

Novičok was found on a bottle from the Navalny hotel room in Tomsk – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Let us explain where the so-called ‘newcomer bottle’ came from, and we are constantly being asked about it. More precisely, it was an ordinary plastic bottle of water, on which they then found traces of combat poisoning substance in a German laboratory. It’s a bottle from the room at the Xander Hotel in Tom, where … Read more

Cichanouská from Lithuanian exile called for further strikes. The management of the companies is said to be intimidating the employees – ČT24 – Czech Television

“You scared the dictatorship. He trembles with fear of you, your strength and courage. That is why you are under a lot of pressure and you feel threats, “said Cichanouská in a recording from Lithuania, where she took refuge under pressure from the Belarusian authorities and out of concern for her safety. “Our goals are … Read more

Cuban regime sanctions 14 infected doctors for not protecting themselves

The report ensured that in this healthcare facility work is being carried out on the total disinfection of the rooms, for which water with detergent and 5% sodium hypochlorite was delivered to each department, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Andrés Lamas Acevedo, director general of the Cuban health facility, said around 900 samples were … Read more

In Moscow because of the epidemic COVID-19 rental prices fell

The coronavirus epidemic and the introduction of a self-isolation regime in Moscow led to a drop in demand and a drop in rental prices. This conclusion was reached by analysts of the Yandex.Real Estate service, who compared rental rates for apartments and country houses from the beginning of the year. – – Some owners already … Read more