Novičok was found on a bottle from the Navalny hotel room in Tomsk – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Let us explain where the so-called ‘newcomer bottle’ came from, and we are constantly being asked about it. More precisely, it was an ordinary plastic bottle of water, on which they then found traces of combat poisoning substance in a German laboratory. It’s a bottle from the room at the Xander Hotel in Tom, where Navalnyj stayed, “said Navalny’s team.

He said the team had decided to collect everything that could be hypothetically useful and pass it on to doctors in Germany, including several empty plastic water bottles. Two weeks later, a German laboratory found traces of a newcomer on one of them. Analysis in other laboratories confirmed this finding.

“Now we understand that (Navalnyj) was poisoned before he left the hotel room and went to the airport,” the team added, noting from the beginning that the case would not be investigated in Russia.

Through the skin

According to one of the inventors of the novice Vladimir Ugelev, the poison was probably not directly in the water – if it got into the body orally, the politician would be convulsing in a few minutes. Navalnyj estimated that he received about a fifth of the lethal dose, absorbing the poison through his skin. Traces of the poison then eliminated the metabolism, but remained on the bottle.

According to Navalny’s collaborator Vladimir Milov, who was the deputy minister of energy, evidence of poisoning was secured before the arrival of the Russian secret police and got out of the country in time. “Footage from the hotel cameras was confiscated by the Ministry of the Interior. But the investigation did not start anyway, “Navalný spokeswoman Kira Jarmyšová wrote on Twitter.

Britain said on Wednesday that it was almost certain that the attack on Navalny had been perpetrated by Russian secret services and that Russia must explain the unacceptable use of a chemical weapon. Clarification is also demanded by Germany, France and other states, and calls for further sanctions against Moscow. However, she claims that she would need more medical analyzes to launch an official investigation.

Allegations of corruption

A critic of the Kremlin suddenly fell ill in August on a domestic flight from Tomsk to Moscow. In Tomsk, he made a pre-election film accusing local politicians of stealing public finances.

The plane had to make an emergency landing in Omsk, where Navalny was unconsciously hospitalized and from where, after several days of delay, he was transported by a special flight to Berlin, where he is recovering at Charité Hospital.

According to local doctors i experts from France and Sweden, who examined his tissues, was poisoned by the nervous paralytic substance of the novices, a banned chemical weapon. Doctors in Omsk did not find her, and Russia claims to have seen no evidence that Navalny was poisoned.

Navalny’s Internet posts, exposing corruption at the height of Russian politics, have seen millions of views. He was poisoned during the culminating campaign before the local and regional elections, in which he tried to help defeat as many Kremlin candidates as possible.


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