KPK Names Regent of North Penajam Paser Suspect in Bribery Case

Jakarta – KPK set Regent of Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Abdul Gafur Mas’ud as a suspect. Abdul Gafur is suspected of accepting bribes for the procurement of goods and services as well as permits. “KPK found sufficient preliminary evidence so that the KPK stepped up to the investigation stage,” said KPK Deputy Chair Alexander […]

Sitting UNJ Lecturer Report Gibran and Kaesang to KPK

Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka with Deputy Mayor Teguh Prakosa after a meeting at Solo City Hall Monday (19/4/2021). (Source: Tribun Solo) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has received a report on allegations of corruption and/or money laundering with the reported party Gibran Rakabuming Raka and his younger brother Kaesang Pangarep. The […]

How Much Loss to the State from Corruption in Garuda’s ATR Aircraft Rental?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) and the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) are currently investigating the alleged corruption case of leasing the ATR 72-600 aircraft. So, how much is the potential loss to the state from this case? “If it’s an allegation later. It’s still a guess. It’s better later from […]

Gibran and Kaesang Reported to KPK regarding Allegations of KKN-Money Laundering

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Jakarta State University (UNJ) lecturer who is also a ’98 activist, Ubedilah Badrun, reported that President Jokowi’s two sons, Gibran Rakabuming Raka and Kaesang Pangarep, to the KPK on suspicion of corruption and money laundering. “This report is related to allegations of corruption and/or Money Laundering (TPPU) related to alleged KKN […]

‘Robbed’ Rp 2.6 T, AGO Names 5 LPEI Corruption Suspects

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The number of suspects related to allegations of corruption in the implementation of national export financing by the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) in 2013-2019 continues to grow to 12 people. Recently, the investigative team at the Directorate of Investigation of the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes at the Attorney […]

Russia’s leader’s daughter’s girlfriend receives impressive government orders – Abroad – News

Meanwhile, Popov’s friends benefit from agreements and cooperation with Russia’s direct investment fund, led by Popov’s husband Kirill Dmitryev. The Financial Times previously linked Dmitriev’s influence to his wife’s ties. Dmitry was previously on the board of Sibur. Kirill Shamalov, the former husband of Ekaterina Tikhonova, co-owned the company. It is not known where Tikhonov […]

South Korea, former president Park Geun-hye pardoned – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – SEUL, DEC 24 – South Korea has pardoned former president Park Geun-hye, sentenced to over 20 years in prison in a sprawling corruption scandal. Park was on a list of people for a special amnesty and was pardoned in “a perspective of national unity,” South Korean Justice Minister Park Beom-kye explained. Park became […]