Republicans elected to the House of Representatives attack abortion

Even if these two texts have almost no chance of being voted on definitively, given this the senate is still democratic, their meaning is largely symbolic. Although Republicans have recently been the majority in the US House of Representatives, they adopted, on Wednesday January 11, two texts against abortion. The first resolution condemns the attacks […]

Al-Hara Jordanian film… controversial swear words!

Tell me – The Jordanian film Al-Hara, the Circle, set in a neighborhood dominated by gossip and violence east of the capital Amman, has caused a lot of controversy because it contains obscene words. Social media platforms were buzzing with discussions about the film’s content and the message to be conveyed by it, between a […]

Andrew Tate quotes a verse in Surat Al-Anfal as the controversy continues

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Controversial internet star Andrew Tate quoted a line from Surat Al-Anfal amid continued controversy among social media activists over him and the masculine ideas he presents. And Andrew posted a tweet on his Twitter page, verse no. 30 of Surat Al-Anfal, in which he said: “And when those who […]

Laila Abdel Latif 2023 predictions on events and horoscopes

Tell me – The words of Laila Abdel Latif Expectations 2023 dominated search engines in the last minutes for the statements made by the famous astronomer, known as the “Lady of Expectations” during the “Al-Sattat” program on the channel “Al-channel satellite Nahar”. The famous astronomer spoke about predictions that could occur in the Arab Republic […]

We live off living flesh in Lebanon

Tell me – Lebanese actress, Layal Abboud, has launched an attack on some party caterers in her country, criticizing the way they treat them, commenting by saying, ‘Lebanese contractors haven’t come out to deal with them.’ Abboud added: “I work very sweetly, with love, cooperation and a helping hand, but none of them deserve it. […]

News site: The benefits of canned tuna

Tell me – Thanks to its many benefits, tuna is the perfect choice for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and others looking for a healthy diet to enjoy a better life. In the following few lines, we will show you the most important health benefits of tuna: 1- Tuna helps treat gout and arthritis. It also lowers […]

(Syrian artists) respond to news of Salloum Haddad’s death

Tell me – Raj This evening there was the news of the death of the Syrian artist Salloum Haddad, and many pages circulated this news. For its part, the Syndicate of Syrian artists has denied what was circulating. And the Union said in one of its pages: Distinguished fellow artist Salloum Haddad is a thousand […]

Iran: 100 days since the death of Jina Mahsa Amini: Tehran in crisis

Jina Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody shocked people around the world and plunged the Islamic Republic into the biggest political crisis in decades. What have the protests achieved so far? From the correspondents of the Dpa 12/25/2022 – 5:11 Tehran – When young Iranian Kurdish Jina Mahsa Amini lay dying in a hospital 100 […]

Harvey Weinstein plans to appeal his conviction for rape and sexual assault

Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein announced on Tuesday his plans to appeal his conviction in Los Angeles for rape and sexual assault, and could face the possibility of another 24 years in prison. A statement received by Agence France-Presse from Weinstein’s spokesperson said the producer, who is serving a 23-year prison sentence handed down against […]

Taylor Swift is getting some good news on a very special day

Tell me – International superstar Taylor Swift, winner of 11 Grammy Awards, celebrates her 33rd birthday on Tuesday. And the American singer celebrated her birthday by receiving a nomination for the fourth time at the Golden Globe Awards, in the Best Original Song category, for her song “Carolina”. Taylor Swift had previously been nominated 3 […]