Unreal Engine 5: This is what multiplatform games look like

The future is here, the company reports Archosaur Games, which is one of the leading Chinese video game companies developing mobile games in Unreal Engine. At Archosaur Games, they are so happy with the technology from Epic Games that they have prepared a trailer. It premiered at Unreal Open Day and is meant to show […]

PlayStation is preparing a response to the Xbox Game Pass

Sony at Spring plans to respond in the coming year Xbox Game Pass. It has to bring PS5 and PS4 console owners own subscription version that combines PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. Maybe he’ll keep the name PS Plus. The information was brought by respected journalist Jason Schreier from the agency Bloomberg. He claims that […]

The Xbox Game Pass will expand 12 games in December

Microsoft continues to regularly enrich the service catalog Xbox Game Pass. He prepared 12 interesting games for the first half of the month, including several complete novelties. The biggest uproar, of course, is caused by the story part of the sci-fi shooter Halo Infinite. But you can also be interested in a multiplayer cooperative top-down […]

The creator of DayZ publishes the sci-fi survival Icarus

We will be able to play tomorrow, December 3, 2021 Icarus, a new game by DayZ. It is about cooperative PvE survival designed for up to 8 playersbut you can also play alone in singleplayer. If you would like a more detailed description, the game combines sci-fi with traditional survival, including need to pay attention […]

An image from The Matrix Awakens has escaped

Will Matrix fans have reason to rejoice? A new trailer for Matrix Resurrections was released a few hours ago, and now a picture of a hitherto unannounced title has unexpectedly appeared. The Matrix Awakens. It comes from the PlayStation Network database. The picture shows that it will be about Unreal Engine 5 experience. This means […]

PS Plus games confirmed, but Godfall is different

Speculation O Playstation plus games have been confirmed again. Sony has chosen for the last month of 2021 Godfall: Challenger Edition in PS5 and PS4 versions Lego DC Super-Villains pro PS4 a Mortal Shell pro PS4. PS Plus subscribers can look forward to two hardcore action RPGs and DC villains in dice form, which are […]

The original Titanfall disappeared from sale today

When the shooter arrived on Steam last summer Titanfall 2 from Respawn Entertainment Studios, was definitely a success. Although the number of players could never compete with the newer battle royale project Apex Legendswho remains Respawn’s most cared for child, the shooter from 2016 could enjoy the influx of new people who could finally taste […]

The problem for the CD Project is not Cyberpunk 2077, but GOG

GOG has been struggling with financial problems and declining profits for several quarters, which has led to CD Project to reorganize digital trade and return to the spirit of its beginnings. GOG will no longer be a general digital store, but will instead offer players carefully and hand-picked games. “We have recently taken steps to […]

No more procrastination, Dying Light 2 is complete

Long wait for Dying Light 2: Stay Human will no longer be extended. Fans of zombie action with parkour can note in the calendar that the game will work 4. 2. 2022. Techland announced today that the development has been completed. The title is officially in the gold stage and preparations for the launch of […]

Another big patch for Cyberpunk 2077 in early 2022

Recent delay next-gen verze Cyberpunk 2077 a Sorcerers 3 it was an unpleasant surprise, but at the same time it was a sign that the developers had learned from their mistakes in some respects and now do not intend to rush anything. She confirmed it too a recent conference with investors at which the creators […]