Not Only AstraZeneca Vaccine, Pfizer Has Also Been Proven Effective Against Covid-19 Delta and Kappa Variants an

PR TASIKMALAYA – Previous research results prove vaccine AstraZeneca powerful in the fight Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa. Now, the results of the latest research also mentions vaccine Pfizer powerful ward off Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa. Reported from the Reuters page, Covid-19 varian Delta and Kappa first discovered in India. Also Read: Zaskia […]

Three New Acer Laptops Are Coming, Strengthened by AMD Ryzen 5000 Series – Acer launched its newest line of laptops for the portable computer market in Indonesia. Claimed to be more powerful with an increase in processor performance up to 20 percent better than the previous generation, this latest line of Acer laptops is reinforced by the innards of the AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Processor series. […]

powerful gun lobby NRA declares bankruptcy to evade justice

The NRA and one of its subsidiaries have opened so-called “Chapter 11″ proceedings in a Texas bankruptcy court to secure its future ” free from the toxic political environment of New York », Wrote his influential boss Wayne LaPierre in a letter to his members. The State of New York had filed a complaint in […]

2021 begins with heavy arrests in London after several citizens bypassed restrictions

ATLAS SPAIN Updated:01/02/2021 11:57h save The streets of London witnessed several incidents at the beginning of the New Year. The Metropolitan Police had to arrest four people and fine more than 200 for breaking the sanitary restrictions: holding several mass meetings in the middle of the street. In the United Kingdom, the situation is particularly […]

Strong women from the Axarquía against breast cancer

The Association of Women with Breast Cancer of Axarquía Esperanza has once again released its solidarity calendar. Far from recalling the fear and care with which they have moved in 2020 due to their illness or remembering it with masks, they have wanted remember the parties that did not have and they have thrown on […]