Top 3 Techno News Today: Apple’s New MacBook Pro, WhatsApp’s New Features

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Top 3 Tekno Today’s news starting from the topic of Apple announcing that they will be holding another hardware launch on October 18th. Apple’s event was expected for the launch of a new MacBook Pro model with a new chipset dubbed Apple M1X. The chipset is the successor to Apple’s Apple M1 […]

Mini Indonesia and PT Plaza Auto Raya Inaugurate Plaza Mini Senopati Dealer – Jakarta, MINI Indonesia together with PT Plaza Auto Raya inaugurated the Plaza MINI dealership in Senopati, South Jakarta, Thursday (7/10/2021). With the opening of Plaza MINI Senopati, PT Plaza Auto Raya has inaugurated 4 MINI dealers after Plaza MINI Serpong in 2018, Plaza MINI Bandung which was inaugurated in February 2021 and Plaza […]

Top 3 Techno News Today: Teachers and Students Positive for Covid-19 During PTM, iOS 15

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Top 3 Tekno Today’s news starting from the topic of the Semarang City Health Office, Central Java Province, it was noted that there were seven teachers and students who were positively infected with Covid-19 during the implementation of face-to-face learning or limited PTM. “The case findings are spread across four elementary schools,” […]

Sour Tongue Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Having a sour taste on the tongue is a common complaint due to a simple reaction to the food consumed. However, if the tongue tastes sour continuously or continuously, it is possible that this condition can be a sign of other health problems. Also read: 11 Causes of Tasteless Tongue, Not Just Covid-19 […]

Autoimmune Diseases – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Autoimmune disease is a condition in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks its own body. Normally, the immune system functions to protect the body from attacks by foreign organisms such as bacteria or viruses. However, this condition actually releases proteins called antibodies that attack healthy cells. Also read: Doctor: Autoimmune Patients Don’t […]

White Tongue Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – White tongue is a visible appearance when there is a thick layer of dirt, bacteria, and dead cells on the papillae or the surface of the tongue. White tongue is generally harmless and temporary. However, this condition may allow you to experience symptoms such as a bad taste, smell, or redness in your […]

It turns out that this is what makes the ant bite painful -AKURAT News

AKURATNEWS – You may have felt excruciating pain from the bite of a small ant. The bite is able to penetrate the skin and even human flesh. Scientists have known that some of the body parts of small animals that are pierced and slashed are impregnated with metals such as zinc and manganese, making the […]

Sweaty Feet Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – For some people it is normal to experience sweaty feet, for example when the body is hot, emotional, or doing sports. Body sweating is a natural thing because there are about three to four million sweat glands scattered throughout the body. Feet, palms, and armpits are parts of the body that have higher […]

“Mysterious Fever” in India, Dozens of Children Died

It has been more than a week since children in several districts of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have woken up with fevers and bodies drenched in sweat. Many of them complained of joint pain, headaches, dehydration, and nausea. In some cases, they report a rash that spreads over their arms and legs. […]

Enterobiasis Disease – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment – Worms are parasites that can enter the human body. None of the worms is beneficial to the human body. One of the types of worms that cause disease in humans is worms Enterobius vermicularis or what is known as pinworm (pinworm). Pinworms is a type of roundworm that is thin, white, very small, […]