JP Morgan describes a grim outlook for Apple sales

The finance company believes that global chip shortages and factory closures in Asia will hit the sale of iPhones by the end of the year. This company is the second in 2 weeks that cuts its forecast in the sales of the famous terminal of the apple company. 19 October 2021 10.07 Apple sell less […]

Play: Which celebrities did edredoning before Julen and Sandra Pica?

All ‘GH’ quilts The first to use the term ‘edredoning’ were the contestants of ‘GH’ and, throughout the history of the contest, there were many who chose to hide from prying eyes and let themselves be carried away under the covers of the program. As we are sure that you are a true expert in […]

Christmas presents are in jeopardy this year. There are no toys or electronics in the shops

Getting Christmas presents may be a problem this year. The worldwide shortage of chips and other components significantly affects the electronics and toys market. Vendors are facing limited deliveries from China, which is reflected in the amount of goods in stores. For example, mobile phones, flashlight cars, dolls or stuffed animals are starting to arrive […]

Amazon will pay extra for employees to come to work on time

Amazon Introduces Punctuality Bonuses for Employees In this way, the company hopes to increase productivity, especially in the summer and around Christmas. Amazon UK employees will be paid a weekly bonus of £ 50 (approx. € 58) for getting to work on time. On Thursday, September 2, reports BBC. It is noted that employees who […]