Monopoly: The Netherlands’ ASML, which dominates the global chip industry

When it comes to the so-called silicon chips, there is one company that has complete control over the global semiconductor industry. And while Taiwan and China may be the biggest chip-making countries in the world right now, they wouldn’t be what they are without licensing some core technology and machinery from this company. Of course, […]

The distribution of weapons to civilians in Kyiv turned into a civil war VIDEO

On February 25, Ukrainian authorities began distributing weapons to Kyiv residents seeking to defend their city from “advancing hordes of Russians.” In the Ukrainian capital there were huge queues of those who wanted to get the coveted “barrel” with ammunition. As a result, more than 20,000 Kalashnikovs were distributed during the day. In the evening, […]

Cramps on devices: Serious bronchial problems

“I was at Na Hospital Francis. They took my blood and did my tests. There’s a real problem with those bronchi, so they left me there overnight. They connected me to the devices and watched me. They wanted to be sure. “ betrayed Jiří Krampol website. Jiří Krampol after returning from the hospital: He […]

Another 199 obscure voting machines were found, numbering more than 600

Another 199 voting machines with unclear purpose are located in a warehouse of the company “Ciela Norma” in the former Higher School of Transport “Todor Kableshkov” in Sofia, reported “Trud” newspaper. In connection with the case, the CEC received a letter from the Ministry of Interior at 20:00 tonight, the publication clarifies. Shortly after 8:30 […]

Earthquake in Japan fascinates homes, cars, people (+ VIDEO)

Two people have died in a landslide in Japan on Saturday, several have been missing and six have been rescued, local officials said. After heavy rains for several days, a huge landslide swept several Atami houses west of Tokyo on Saturday morning. Officials initially reported about 20 people missing. In the evening, the Japanese TV […]

Presidential. Voting machines with an “advance poll” for the election of

The government proposes for the next presidential to introduce an advance poll using voting machines, information spotted on Tuesday February 16, 2021 by the political service of TF1 – LCI. According to the proposed amendment available on the Senate website, the following mention would be added to the electoral code: “Voters can at their request […]

Diffusion Plus Group invests and diversifies

While many are playing the wait-and-see card in the face of the crisis, Groupe Diffusion Plus (750 people for a turnover of 125 million euros), specializing in the printing and sending of desktop publishing and marketing communications, continues to carry out its projects. After bringing in three HP T240 HD presses at the start of […]

In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

The driver had to pay 133 dollars. Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Yesterday in Australia was seen Toyota Land Cruiser with a giant bumper. June 18, employees of the traffic police Morgana stopped a strange car, which attracted the attention of an unusual addition to the front of the “Kruzak” attached dimensional supporting rack. […]