Bassie and Adriaan have to pay 15,000 euros in damages …

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Fotopersburo Edwin Janssen Bas and Aad van Toor, better known as Bassie and Adriaan, have to pay damages of 15,000 euros to their former opponents. The court in Rotterdam determined this on Wednesday. Paul van Gorcum, who played the role of the Baron in the children’s program, went to court along […]

Right-wing wonder boy burns himself on WhatsApp: Thierry Baude …

Barely four months before the Dutch parliamentary elections, Thierry Baudet announces that he is stepping down as party leader of the radical right-wing Forum for Democracy. He has sunk into a swamp of racism and anti-Semitism. It could be, also for Thierry Baudet and his Forum for Democracy. A year and a half ago was […]

Thierry Baudet will step down as Forum for Democracy leader

Thierry Baudet is withdrawing as party leader for the elections and as leader of Forum for Democracy. He reports this on Twitter. Baudet will remain a Member of Parliament and may want to become a list pusher. The reason is the reports of recent days about anti-Semitic and homophobic messages circulating in app groups of […]

First ‘botulinestraat’ in the Netherlands opened in UMCG

Photo: De Redactie The Movement Disorders Expertise Center of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) opened the first botulinum street in the Netherlands on Friday. The UMCG reported this. From now on, dystonia patients will receive all the different appointments and examinations in one morning, which will be immediately assessed by the neurologist. ‘This makes […]

The Netherlands announces first relaxation of corona measures …

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge. Photo: AFP From Thursday in the Netherlands people can again experience culture in theaters, museums, cinemas and music halls and have fun again in zoos and amusement parks. The Dutch can also go swimming again, pick out books in the library and […]

The Dutch may get ‘a little more space at Christmas …

Until mid-January, there will be restrictions in the Netherlands to combat the corona virus. The Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge announced this at a press conference. But at Christmas the Dutch may already be given a little more space. If the figures with the corona virus continue to fall, a cautious easing could […]

The Netherlands is introducing a flight tax of 7.45 euros per ticket

Passengers departing by plane from a Dutch airport will pay a tax on their ticket of an expected amount of 7.45 euros from 1 January. The Dutch government has decided to introduce the flight tax after the turn of the year. The air passenger tax is part of the plans to green the taxes. ‘International […]

Man With Metal Detector Finds Gold Treasure But Gets Only …

In the municipality of Horst aan de Maas in Dutch Limburg, someone with a metal detector found a treasure with gold coins. The finder can count on half of any proceeds. “With us, such a find can disappear under the radar,” says a Limburg detectorist. The hobbyist found eight gold coins. According to experts, someone […]

The Netherlands is tightening up measures: public places closed and …

Although the number of new infections in the Netherlands has been decreasing for a few days, the cabinet does not believe that the corona virus is being reduced enough. That is why Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced additional measures on Tuesday evening that will take effect from Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. for two […]

Subway car suspended on a work of art is salvaged

The mayor of the Dutch municipality of Nissewaard asks people not in the district of Spijkenisse itself to look at the storage of the metro, which is suspended 10 meters above the ground there. He points out that the promotion can also be followed online. On Tuesday, the recovery of the derailed metro train started. […]