The impact of the virus on player performance

« What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. » What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, sings Kelly Clarkson. It’s pretty. Well thought. A nice slogan on a sweater, or a Facebook wall. Except that between major adults and vaccinated – or not –, let’s say things frankly: this earworm is not always a reflection […]

The Nice dolphin receives Nantes

SOCCER. LEAGUE 1 – DAY 21 Buoyed by their three consecutive victories, Nice will try to consolidate their second place when they receive Nantes (9th), another in-form team, today at the start of a day which will end on Sunday with the poster Marseille – Lille . Nice and Nantes are, with Montpellier, the teams […]

At the dawn of the 5th wave, the hospital faces an “overflow” situation

Since the start of the health crisis in March 2020, i.e. almost two years, the Martinique Hospital Center has been experiencing successive onslaughts of difficulties that overwhelm it. From white plans successively triggered into social movements upsetting the internal organization against a background of opposition to the vaccination obligation, the CHUM is starting a year […]

Columbus Café opens its second point of sale in Saint-Denis

RESTORATION. The L2D group continues its foray into food and fast food. Just a month after having bought La Case à Pains, the brand is now opening its second coffee shop in Saint-Denis, rue Félix Guyon, just a few meters from La Brioche Dorée and the Antonetti bakery and pastry shop. Acquired in March 2021, […]

Jocelyn Sapotille loses his seat as mayor of Lamentin

LAMENTIN A week after the municipal elections in March, which saw the victory of Jocelyn Sapotille, Reinette Juliard, his political opponent, lodged an appeal for annulment, then a second, to request the mayor’s ineligibility. The administrative court of Guadeloupe canceled the electoral operations by judgment dated December 17, 2020. The Council of State has just […]

Chapter 10: Blood and the Slide

Blood is dripping on the cement steps. And it is expanding, little by little. The two sweaty women pull the heavy burden, which eventually slips down the stairs, before tipping onto its side, once again. Even two, they are no match. It must be said that Normand Rouleau is a piece of man. Its 6’5 […]

The stilt by photographer Jean-Charles Ouvrard, paws in the water in New York

4:25 p.m. – December 29, 2021 Jean-Charles Ouvrard’s photo among the kaleidoscope on display in Manhattan. The stilt was taken from a pond in Leucate. – © Etienne COLIN . A photo of the artist from Frotey-lès-Vesoul was selected from a kaleidoscope of 514 other photos from around the world. With the humility that befits […]

Several businesses burgled in Lamentin on Christmas night

Several individuals attacked signs located in the area of ​​Mahogany – California. Young hooded, gloved “and well organized”. On Christmas night, according to this business manager, several young people tried to rob various stores in the Acajou – Californie area in Lamentin. “And this is not the first time”, she despairs. “This is unfortunately becoming […]

Motorcyclist checked on Christmas Day without license, protection and drugs

On the side of the gendarmerie, the driver of a motorcycle was checked on December 25 while he was traveling without insurance, without protective equipment and under the influence of narcotics. Another two-wheeler pilot, who did not hold a driving license and had no insurance, was intercepted on a legal repeat offense. “On the same […]

The perpetrator of the fatal stabbing incarcerated

Saint-André. On Christmas Eve, a man stabbed his dalon with a violent stab in the throat, for a story of jealousy. Yesterday he was indicted for intentional homicide. The scene shocked many onlookers. “I saw the body on the ground, the blood, the firefighters trying to resuscitate it”, Explains a neighbor, witness of the violent […]