les SSD Samsung 870 QVO 1 To, 2 To, 4 To et 8 To

The whole range Samsung 870 QVOin other words the SSDs of 1 To, 2 To, 4 To et 8 To are currently being sold at very good prices on Amazon.fr. Indeed, they can be found at respectively 79,72€, 146,99€, 284,99€ et 467€. As a reminder, the Samsung 870 QVO SSDs were released in July 2020. […]

Silicon Motion PCIe 4.0/NVMe 2.0 Compatible SSD Controller – PC Watch

SM2268XT Silicon Motionannounced the SSD controller “SM2268XT” for PCI Express 4.0/NVMe 2.0 on the 16th (Taiwan time). Sample shipments have already started for major customers. The SM2268XT uses a dual-core Arm Cortex-R8 CPU and supports four NAND flash channels. Delivers up to 3,200 MT/s per channel, with multi-core design that automatically adjusts the computational load […]

External RAID storage with a total of 46TB SSD, price about 1.4 million yen-AKIBA PC Hotline!

ARC-8050T3U-6M/SE46T The handling of the external RAID storage “ARC-8050T3U-6M/SE46T” equipped with six 7.68TB SSDs has started with Oriospec. By ordering, the retail price is 1,398,000 yen. Samples are available at the store. Hardware RAID storage of about 1.4 million yen This is an external storage that incorporates six 2.5-inch SATA-SSD “PM893” for Samsung’s data center […]

Solidigm is produced with a 61 TB SSD

The company would base its new developments on a QLC 3D NAND flash design with 192 cell layers. A solid a Technology Field Day 2022 presented a roadmap to the event, which revealed a lot about their upcoming developments targeting the large business sector. The company is planning two product ranges for the 192-cell QLC […]

Corsair Launches EX100U Portable USB Type-C SSD | 4Gamers

CORSAIR on October 11 announced the launch of a new ultra-thin portable solid state drive: CORSAIR EX100U. Available in capacities ranging from 500GB to 4TB, the EX100U is compact and compact enough to store a lot of data and take it anywhere. The EX100U is equipped with a USB Type-C Gen2 x2 connection with a […]

Dual M.2 interface help … ‘ASUS TUF Gamning A1 NVMe SSD Enclosure’

ASUS has introduced an exterior SSD situation “TUF Gamning A1 NVMe SSD Enclosure” in reaction to the swift unfold of the NVMe SSD. ▲ Image resource = ASUS official YouTube – The TUF Gamning A1 NVMe SSD enclosure attributes two M.2 interfaces that support both NVMe and SATA3 transport interfaces, compared with standard exterior SSD […]