Hundreds of thousands in Texas and Louisiana are fleeing Hurricane “Laura”

AOn the Gulf Coast of the United States, the authorities are urgently warning of the approaching hurricane “Laura”. The hurricane could trigger a life-threatening tidal wave and cause catastrophic damage, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Wednesday. In the states of Texas and Louisiana, more than 600,000 people have been required to move to […]

Storm Ida: huge damage in New York and New Jersey

2021-09-04T13:08:10.000+02:00 First there was a creak, then a gigantic wave and the muffled cries of the trapped inhabitants. For 48 hours, in New Jersey, amateur images have shown the violence of a storm which, in its path, devastated everything. With this tornado sometimes filmed up close. Out of 47 victims, thirteen lived in New York, […]

At least 41 dead in New York and the surrounding area

Beh the devastating flash floods in New York and the surrounding area, at least 41 people have died since Wednesday, according to new information from the authorities. Police reported twelve dead in New York City on Thursday. At least 23 people died in neighboring New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy announced. Three fatalities each were reported […]

State of emergency declared in New York

Hurricane “Henri” is scheduled to hit the US east coast on Sunday. New York’s governor has now declared a state of emergency and pleaded: “New Yorkers, please take this seriously”. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency for parts of the US state because of hurricane “Henri”. These included the city […]

Why will Russia increase its oil exports to the United States?

Russia has been given a great opportunity to significantly increase oil exports to the United States, Russian media reported, stressing that while Americans do not particularly like this, it is simply inevitable. The main reason is the long blockade of production in the Gulf of Mexico due to Hurricane Ida. Imports of Russian oil from […]

Biden visits flooded New Orleans

Power supply is promised to be restored within a week To help residents of the disaster-stricken state of Louisiana, $ 100 million was allocated – $ 500 each. US President Joe Biden visits Hurricane Ida-affected New Orleans, reports NBC News. The President announced that each Louisiana resident received $ 500 in one-time aid. A total […]