Corona tax hole forces country to further debt

12. November 2020 – 18:00 Clock The hole in the budget will be less big than expected, but there remains a problem: Saxony-Anhalt has to incur new debts to offset the tax shortfalls caused by the Corona crisis. “We have to absorb the tax shortfalls, because we definitely do not have them,” said Finance Minister […]

The OVG president sees no evidence of coronaskeptic attitudes at his court

The critics refer to an article in the “Sächsische Verwaltungsblätter”, the last edition of which was published on November 1st. The journal is published, among others, by Erich Künzler, who is President of the Saxon Higher Administrative Court. Matthias Dehoust and Jürgen Meng, both judges at the OVG in Bautzen, work in the editorial team. […]

Political Column: Is Generational Justice Still Working?

Here 50 billion for small businesses and the self-employed who earn less in the pandemic. Since 55 billion for hospitals that have to keep intensive care beds free. And not to forget the short-time working allowance, which prevents many employees from losing their jobs. That also costs huge sums. The Federal Ministry of Finance expects […]

The effects of climate change on Saxony-Anhalt

What is the worst-case scenario: What could Saxony-Anhalt look like without climate protection in 2050? Claudia Dalbert describes the problems Saxony-Anhalt could face if nothing was done about global warming in the next 30 years: the cities would be less livable due to the increasing heat. There would be conflicts over water in Saxony-Anhalt. It […]

Universities – Universities: 7 million for joint professors search – education

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New timetable from December 13th: That brings Saxony-Anhalt the 2021 rail timetable

Magdeburg’s railway bridge will be closed to train traffic from April 24th to September 10th. That means for them Railway line Magdeburg-Burg-Berlin im Detail: The Regionaexpress line 1 Magdeburg-Berlin will be replaced by buses between Magdeburg main station and Magdeburg Herrenkrug. The RE 1 stops at all subway stations between Herrenkrug and Burg, which extends […]