There is a lack of contacts

Teamwork: The start-up Ceres from Darmstadt, which was awarded the Hessian Founder’s Prize, hopes for a successful future, but the situation for founders in the region is difficult. Image: Tom Wesse Frankfurt remains the fifth most important German city for founders. But the scene has worries and the distance to Berlin is still huge. Dhe […]

We don’t need to hide

Blockbuster with breathtakingly lifelike special effects, photorealistic representations of exclusive furniture in glossy catalogs and virtual worlds in elaborately programmed video games: three-dimensional data and interactive technologies are setting the digital pace in more and more areas of life. At the Siggraph, the leading international trade fair for complex computer graphics, visionaries and computer freaks […]

Start-ups: Financing record – yet there is still a lack of money

Julian Teicke (left), Verena Hubertz, Klaus Hommels The Wefox founder, the SPD politician and the investor are campaigning for better start-up financing. – (Photo: Wefox Group, Carolin Lauer, Lakestar [Montage]) – – – – Berlin Never before have investors put so much money into German start-ups as in 2021. By September it was around 12.4 […]

In this way, you can earn money with your e-car on the side

E-Charging Station From next year, e-mobilists can secure a premium. – (Photo: obs) – – – – Düsseldorf Anyone who buys an electric car not only benefits from a purchase bonus: From January 2022, one can even earn money with electric cars every year. Because private individuals and fleet operators save CO2 with electric cars. […]

Fintechs should come to Stuttgart

Junge financial firms want to stir up the banking and insurance world. Often they do that from Berlin. Stuttgart as a location has not played a role for them so far. Those responsible at Stuttgart Financial, the association of local players in the financial center, want to change that. You are starting a new initiative […]

Wingcopter builds drones for the largest rescue pilot

HEssian cargo drones are to provide US Americans with urgently needed medical supplies in the future. The American aviation company Air Methods and the start-up Wingcopter from Weiterstadt near Darmstadt have announced this project. Air Methods is planning a network to supply hospitals and communities in predominantly rural areas, among other things, with blood products, […]

Seven Senders and Hive: Start-ups benefit from the e-commerce boom

– Parcels in a Deutsche Post delivery center in Düsseldorf The logistics industry is benefiting from the boom in online trading. – (Photo: dpa) – – – – Hamburg Online trading has been booming since the beginning of the pandemic. According to Statista, e-commerce in Europe increased by almost 20 percent to 377 billion euros […]

Royal strengthens coaching company: Prince Harry has a new job

Wednesday March 24th 2021 Royal strengthens coaching company Prince Harry has a new job – Since the defection of the British royal family, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have had to pay for their maintenance alone. The start to independence is promising. After millions in contracts with Netflix and Spotify, Harry is now hired by […]