Dinner with the Emperor-Lee Chun-en | Apple Daily

Shanghai’s “Yiichi.com” visited the cultural relics experts of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It was very interesting to see the emperor’s tastes and historical changes from the menu in the palace, and even the socio-economic situation at that time. The most prosperous Qing Dynasty was the Qianlong period, with abundant national power and many activities […]

Despite the Covid, China signs positive growth in 2020

A woman in Beijing’s business district, January 18, 2021 / AFP Positive GDP but at the lowest for more than 40 years: China posted 2.3% growth last year despite the Covid-19 pandemic, while most major economies remain in recession. The first country affected by the epidemic, China experienced a historic decline in its growth in […]

With Covid-19 cultural consumption halved in 2020 (-47%) – Theater

With Covid-19, the consumption of cultural goods and services has halved (-47%), going from 113 euros of average monthly spending per family in December 2019 to around 60 euros in December 2020. Dramatic situation, in particular, for shows live blocked by the lockdown and the subsequent containment measures of the pandemic: collapse of spectators by […]

the big failure of appointments

Launched this Thursday, the Sante.fr portal intended for making an appointment to be vaccinated against Covid-19 had to close for an update, and will not finally be operational until tomorrow morning. Since 9 a.m. this morning, Sylvie has been tapping tirelessly on her computer in order to find a Covid vaccination appointment for her mother, […]

Smart Online Shopping Guide|Free International Air Freight for Shopping in Japan Zhongping Buying in Japan, Sending Wrongly, and Delivering Damage Full Claims, Hong Kong Self-Pickup, Available for Inspection| Apple Daily

[Special report]During the epidemic, you cannot fly to Japan to travel and shop. If you want to solve the “Japanese lovesickness”, online shopping is also a good way! However, some people worry that international shipping is too expensive, and they are also afraid that online purchases of expensive products lack protection. Therefore, when choosing an […]

Dedication-Shao Songxiong | Apple Daily

Two years ago, Wu Yili, known as “the first generation of pianist in China,” passed away. There were many “sadness” and “tribute” posts on the domestic Internet, even the beauty of “keeping only one piano in my life” The words have been moved out. However, Fu Cong, who was once the same student of Mario […]

RTE invites the French to reduce their electricity consumption on Friday

The electricity network manager (RTE) encourages the French to reduce their consumption of electricity Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. due to cold. Due to the expected drop in temperatures (between -4 and -4.5 ° C below seasonal norms), electricity consumption should reach a high level, reducing the available safety margin, underlines Thursday evening […]

‘Black Friday’ increased the demand for consumer loans by 8,300 million

Just one hour before the winter sales officially begin in the main distribution chains, pessimism is once again the main protagonist of this traditional “consumer fair”. Almost everything looks bad. Fewer job contracts planned for these next two months than in other years, a convulsive economic situation, less consumer appetite in citizens and a country […]

Dangerous Maternal Love-Bi Ming | Apple Daily

When speaking, don’t move my mother out of the way. There are many terms used in online trending, such as “Don’t play with food.” Is it authoritative? Does everyone follow it? But it represents a kind of understood irony, and there is also a way to steal. It is an attitude, or bottom line, not […]