Brussels is furious with Poland, it is going to take it out of the EU

MATEUŠ MORAVECKI Poland could be expelled from the EU after the Constitutional Court in Warsaw announced that the country would not recognize the rule of law of the bloc, Reuters reported. The decision infuriated Brussels, which reacted sharply against the Polish authorities and even talked about Polexit (flirting with letters on behalf of Poland and […]

‘Don’t get on your knees for Flemish people in 2024’

French speakers urgently need to prepare for what comes after 2024, says MP Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR). The French Community is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary and it doesn’t look like another fifty will be added. Prime Minister Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR) says in The evening that ‘it is time for the French speakers to say what they […]

Ministry ‘saves’ territorial continuity of aircraft Sardinia – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 14 SEPT – The air connections under territorial continuity to and from Sardinia, currently entrusted to Alitalia, will not be interrupted due to the termination of the company’s activities on 15 October. The Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini signed the decree establishing the regime to ensure that the ‘onerated’ services on the […]

Have a good trip, Walter, my friend, our friend – Belgiuminfo

Walter Grupp with his wife Silvia From Rudolf Wagner. One wonders why exactly Walter Grupp actually received the Federal Cross of Merit? “There are so many facets to you,” joked the German ambassador two years ago at the award ceremony. Yes, Walter knew his way around as a lawyer and tax expert, as Secretary General […]

MRF attacks president in front of MEPs over “who is your motherland”

Rumen Radev “Provocative act against minorities in Bulgaria” – this is the title of a letter sent to every MEP in Brussels by the three MRF MPs in the European Parliament – Ilhan Kyuchuk, Iskra Mikhailova and Atidje Alieva-Veli. The letter is a complaint from Bulgarian President Rumen Radev over his public question to MRF […]

Brussels faces the weeks of truth: “Feelings existed…

If Brussels were to relax like Flanders or Wallonia, the numbers would go through the roof again. The urban region is bracing itself for a large wave of returning travelers in the coming weeks. It will be sink or swim in Brussels in the coming weeks. Either the region manages to contain the virus circulation […]

Hungary evokes EU exit when it will have to contribute to the budget – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, AUGUST 03 – In the long-distance battle between Budapest and Brussels, Hungary is now also evoking the possibility of reconsidering its membership of the EU. The Minister of Finance, Mihaly Varga, spoke about it on the Hungarian TV ATV. “The question – declared Varga – could take on a new perspective when […]