Kylie Jenner offers the famous pair at 76,000 dollars

According to fashion lovers, they are a work of art. New York brand MSCHF has designed a limited quantity of sandals called “Birkinstock», Which have driven the internet into a panic since their release. This is because the taps, which in appearance are not extravagant, were designed with offcuts from Hermès bags, the famous and […]

“A previously unidentified priapism”

Posted on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 12h21 Doctors were faced with a very specific situation in a Covid-19 section in France. A 62-year-old man was hospitalized at the Versailles Hospital Center for the typical symptoms of the coronavirus, namely fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing. However, his condition deteriorated very quickly and the patient […]

Why is the Toyota Camry 50 a classic?

The opinion that Japanese quality ended in the early 2000s is often reinforced by nit-picking about minor flaws of the car, ignoring all its advantages. A good example of a cool model is the Toyota Camry 50. The body design of the “Fiftieth Camry” at the exit was criticized by motorists already accustomed to the […]

How not to break in, but already to hate LADA Vesta with a CVT – owner

The car drove a thousand kilometers, but the driver is no longer glad that he bought it. The LADA Vesta update became one of the main events of 2019 in the Russian car market. The car received improvements that excluded several of its “childhood ills,” but AvtoVAZ could not fly without a fly in the […]