The ad has arrived on Netflix. Find out how it will work

In 2019, Netflix declared in a letter to shareholders “we … have no advertising” and added that non-reliance on advertising was “an essential part of our brand proposition”. That all changed on Thursday when the streaming leader launched “Basic with Ads,” the long-awaited subscription plan for the ad-supported platform. The new mode will cost $ […]

Fireballs will rain on November nights

It doesn’t matter that Halloween is over, because the “fireballs of Halloween “, such as the NASAit will still be visible in the sky in the nights of the next few weeks, thanks to the meteor shower of the southern Taurids. The estimated peak of the meteor shower will occur this Saturday, the 5th, according […]

NASA confirms that the DART mission has diverted the orbit of the asteroid Dimorphos

The probe managed to reduce the orbit in 32 minutes A Confirmed by NASA On Tuesday the impact of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft against the asteroid Dimorphos, located about 11 million kilometers from Earth, managed to divert its trajectory, as predicted. The administrator of the American space agency, Bill Nelson, pointed out […]

What may have given modern humans an edge over Neanderthals

By studying fossilized skulls, scientists know that a Neanderthal’s brain size was the same, if not slightly larger, than that of a modern human. However, researchers know little about Neanderthal brain development because soft tissues don’t hold up well in the fossil record. A fascinating study recently emerged that revealed a possible difference that may […]

Mysterious radio signal in space has the pattern of a heartbeat

A mysterious radio burst with a pattern similar to a heartbeat has been detected in space. Astronomers estimate that the signal came from a galaxy about a billion light-years away, but the exact location and cause of the burst remain unknown. A study detailing the results was published Wednesday in Nature magazine. Fast radio bursts, […]

A “flower” found on Mars

This is perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to finding a flower on Mars. During its ongoing investigation of the Martian rocks in Gale Crater, the Curiosity rover came across a little surprise. This rocky artifact, which resembles a piece of coral or a flower, is smaller than a coin. The Martian “flower” and the […]