“British King Charles III and Queen Camilla Attend London Flower Show”

Updated 21:28 23. 5. 2023, 12:37 British King Charles III. and his wife, Queen Camilla, made a public appearance together two weeks after the coronation. They went to a flower show in London. Other members of the British royal family, including the wife of the heir to the British throne, Princess Kate, also came to […]

“British Support for Ukraine: Tightening Chokeholds on Russian Military Machine”

He said he welcomed the tightening of restrictions on exports, which are helping “the Russian military machine.” “The Russian military is failing on the battlefield, their economy is failing at home as we tighten the chokeholds,” he said. The British prime minister also said that the West stands for Ukraine and that “freedom must win.” […]

“NatWest: British Government Sells Shares and Reduces Controlling Stake”

The government has sold these shares to “NatWest”. Thus, the controlling stake in the bank owned by the British government was reduced from approximately 41% to 38.69%. As reported, last March, the share of “NatWest” owned by the British government fell below the 50% mark for the first time since the global financial crisis. NatWest […]