Bulgarian class truck driver in Great Britain

The Bulgarian will be sent to a psychiatric clinic A young Bulgarian repeatedly stabbed a truck driver in the chest, legs and head. The incident took place in Pirelli’s logistics office, where 20-year-old Martin Bozhkov worked. While the victim, the Czech Michael Kadczyk, was waiting for his trailer to be loaded with tires, the Bulgarian […]

Music – Ed Sheeran and Elton John in the Christmas frenzy – culture

London (AP) – Ed Sheeran (30) and Elton John (74) entered the race for the Christmas hit of the year with an emphatically cheerful and kitschy pop song full of Christmas clich├ęs. In the official music video published on Friday, you can see the two British stars in green and red jogging suits in a […]

In London, they laugh at the tree donated by Norway

Photo: twitter.com/davidkurten Christmas tree in London The main tree in Great Britain became the object of ridicule among Londoners, they did not like the look of the tree. A Christmas tree was installed in London, donated by the mayor’s office of Oslo, Norway. She became the object of ridicule. Photo of a Christmas tree published […]

Duchess Meghan won the trial with the tabloid Mail on Sunday

The Court of Appeal thus upheld the February verdict of the lower court. World agencies reported the verdict. “The appeal is dismissed,” the judge said, according to AFP. “The Court of Appeal confirms the judge’s (previous) decision that the Duchess had reasonable expectations of respecting her privacy,” he added. A London court has previously ordered […]

Sanctions against Belarus were imposed by the United States, Britain and Canada on December 2

US sanctions New United States sanctions have affected 20 people, 12 organizations and three aircraft. Among the citizens of Belarus who have come under American restrictions is the son of Alexander Lukashenko, Dmitry. In addition, the United States imposed sanctions on companies, namely, a potash fertilizer producer (Belarusian Potash Company, Slavkali), a presidential sports club, […]

Death in the English Channel. Britain’s discord with the EU grows

The problem of illegal migration across the strait between Great Britain and France has become extremely acute. The incident in the English Channel aggravated the permanent confrontation between France and Great Britain, into which the European Union was also drawn. The “lowest point of relations” between Paris and London, according to Bloomberg’s definition, was the […]

In Britain 60 people are stuck in a pub for two days due to bad weather

All this time, the “hostages” of the snowfall played games, watched films, sang karaoke and drank beer, “but in moderation,” said the administrator. In the British county of Yorkshire, employees and visitors to the Tan Hill Inn pub, as well as the concert band Noasis, spent more than two days at the establishment due to […]