Explosion at a mine in Karaganda: death toll rises to 45

Explosion at a mine in Karaganda: death toll rises to 45

The number of deaths as a result of the explosion at the Kostenko mine in Karaganda has increased, Tengrinews.kz reports with reference to the Khabar 24 Telegram channel. “The number of dead miners has increased to 45. This was confirmed by the deputy director of the branch of the republican headquarters of emergency rescue services, […]

The Growing Trend of Wine Producers in Limburg: A Flourishing Vineyard Scene

The Growing Trend of Wine Producers in Limburg: A Flourishing Vineyard Scene

L1/Sjors AbelingA vineyard in Limburg In association with L1mburg NOS Nieuws•gisteren, 22:58 The number of wine producers in the Netherlands has increased significantly over the past five years. This is evident from figures from the Chamber of Commerce, including: 1Limburg writes about. In the third quarter of this year, the Netherlands had 194 wine producers, […]

Man Spends 86,000 Pounds on Painful Leg Lengthening Surgeries

In a strange story, American Brian Sanchez spent 86,000 pounds sterling on painful operations to lengthen his legs, gaining about 17 centimeters. Sanchez said: I discovered this type of operation last year, after lengthy searches that came as a result of my attention that my legs were too short. He added, “I am broad, and […]

“Putin and Kadyrov’s Hilarious Beard Banter Caught on Video”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a funny situation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chechen counterpart, Ramzan Kadyrov. The video clip showed President Putin joking with Kadyrov, because of his long beard, during a session held between them. Putin told Kadyrov, “Ramazan Akhmatovitch, your beard has grown longer,” to which Kadyrov replied, “You […]

Column: Pork price steadily up | Pigbusiness.nl

The price of pigs will continue to rise in the coming week. All signals are green for a further double-digit increase. Slaughterhouses have been able to hold back the increase for a long time, but now there is no stopping it. Last week, the Dutch slaughterhouses increased by 11 to 15 cents. Van Rooi apparently […]

Death toll in London church shooting rises to six

Six people were injured in a shooting near a church in London, police said. Among the wounded are two minors. The motives of the attackers are not reported. A seven-year-old girl is in critical condition, she was hospitalized. A 12-year-old minor was slightly wounded in the leg. She was released from the hospital after being […]

From the market.. That’s why the dollar went up again!

Sources active in the financial sector have seen that the intervention of the Banque du Liban to pump dollars through the “banking” platform may not last long with the current volume, noting that “the current pumping volume has exceeded approximately one billion dollars in a week. “ The sources stressed that the level of Central […]

HTC introduces the new Vive XR Elite augmented reality headset

HTC company presented Vive XR Elite is a new augmented and virtual reality headset that doesn’t require connection to other devices to work. Sales will start in February 2023, price is $1,000. The novelty received a pair of screens with a resolution of 2K (1920×1920 pixels) each, supporting a refresh rate of 90 Hz and […]