A doctor fertilized a woman with his semen without her understanding PHOTOS

A resident of the US state of New Jersey, who underwent an in vitro fertilization procedure, found out many years later that her doctor was a sperm donor, and accused him of “medical rape”, NBC News reports.

In 1983, Bianca Voss consulted with Martin Greenberg, a New York obstetrician-gynecologist, about the in vitro fertilization procedure.

“I wanted an anonymous donor,” said the 75-year-old woman. – He asked: “Do you mind if the donor is Jewish?” I said, “No,” and that’s how it all ended. I thought that a medical student from the hospital could be a donor, but no more than that. The doctor later asked me to write a check for $ 100 to pay the donor for the concern. “

Martin Greenberg

The procedure was successful and in 1984 Vos had a baby. And in the fall of 2020, Voss’s daughter, Roberta, who turned 36 at the time, underwent a genetic test and found that her father was Martin Greenberg, who is now 81 and lives in Florida.

Daughter Roberta

The victim claims that this caused her emotional pain and caused her exhaustion. She has filed a lawsuit and will seek compensation.

“Greenberg’s heinous and malicious act is unethical, unacceptable and illegal,” said her lawyer, Jason Kane.

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Roberta’s family

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