Kuwaiti indicators vary at the beginning … and “the first” is retreating on its own

Kuwait – Mubasher: The major Kuwait Stock Exchange indices began trading today, Sunday, with a decline in 7 sectors.

At 09:30 Kuwait time, the main market index increased by 1.11%, the two main indices increased by 0.75% and the “general” marginally by 0.01%, while the first index the market fell 0.17% from last Thursday’s level.

The Kuwait Stock Exchange has in the meantime recorded exchanges, for a value of 6.36 million dinars, distributed over 24.66 million shares, with the realization of 1.61 thousand transactions.

The session saw a decline in 7 sectors, led by energy by 0.93%, while 3 sectors, led by technology, increased by 2.56% and the health care and benefits sectors remained stable.

Stock “Ektib” led the red list with 9.43%, while stock “Tehsilat” gained 7.89%.

As for the most actively traded; “Eva Hotels”, down 2.60%, outperformed volumes with 4.29 million shares, while “KFH” issued cash worth 2.79 million dinars, down 0.52% .

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