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GERB Director Boyko Borisov Refuses to Communicate with Opposition Parties, Plants Trees with Youth Instead

They will not step on our table. We will no longer communicate with them. This is what the director of GERB Boyko Borisov, who is visiting the town of Rupite today to plant trees with youth from GERB, said for PP-DB.

“You saw the differences between GERD and everyone else,” he said.

“With all due respect, it is good that Denkov did not become the Minister of Education, because can you imagine an academic encouraging his youth to break bottles, break glass, tables to control his opponents . This guy said something that brings us back to the These are people who tell lies. ,” he recalled the case with Kiril Petkov. “I can call all kinds of epithets, but I will use the worst one – people who speak truths. Now they talk nonsense every day, falsify documents. We are not blame them, we have not spoken out against them,” said Borisov.

“All the documents were sent to Lena to make sure it was all right. You can never talk to one person with these people, they start asking each other. You “wait a day and a half for everything to pass,” Borisov told PP-DB.

“And suddenly, instead of saying that GERB did something good, they start talking nonsense. I don’t comment on them, I leave the door open to talk to him everyone. And they start lying, saying that Petkov controlled me by hitting me with bottles on the table.

“Is it normal for you that these people set conditions for you? The West had lied to them at one point,” he said.

“I am a European politician. For so many years, I have always aimed for Bulgaria to be well represented, and I do not want to return to the Mutren years, when we elected only the strongest,” said Borisov.

According to him, voters can say who is responsible for the state. “If we were together, if there was a coalition, would there be a caretaker or regular government,” he explained and suggested that a caretaker government would be preferable.

“I’m sorry that people are so quick to shoot faces – neither Denkov, nor Petkov, nor Vassilev can return to their positions. After these lies, I will no longer meet them as individuals ,” said Borisov.

“Look for partners. We saw what kind of partners they found – BSP, Vazrazhdane, ITN, they fired Rosen Zhelyazkov, they rubbed our noses in. Those who fired Rosen Zhelyazkov will not come to our negotiating table. We will not negotiate with them now, we will form a coalition after the elections,” he explained.

However, he admitted that he can rule with anyone who has principles according to the results of the vote. “I have not rejected PP/DB. Hristo has not spoken, but they are in groups and they worry me. the elections, there is a choice, depending on how people arrange us, but lines in front that we cannot cross – Denkov cannot be reconciled with the fact that leaders in this group look like a good father, who comes and controls all parties , Beats Peevski, bringing everything alive.

He said it will be difficult to manage after the elections because “the money is gone, the systems are broken, the capacity of the staff is unclear”.

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