$ 36.8 million in net foreign purchases of Emirati shares in Tuesday’s session

Malik Salama – Mubasher: The net purchase of shares by foreigners on the financial markets of the United Arab Emirates at the end of trading today, Tuesday, amounted to 135.337 million dirhams, equal to 36.84 million dollars.

Foreign investors made purchases of shares in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a value of over 734.854 million dirhams, equal to 200 million dollars, against sales transactions for a value of 599.517 million dirhams, equal to 163.22 million dollars, with a net purchase of 135,337 million dirhams, according to the United Arab Emirates financial market data.

Foreign purchases of shares on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange amounted to AED 574.463 million, compared with sales of AED 503.109 million.

Foreigners sold on the Dubai stock exchange for about 96,408 million dirhams, against purchases of about 160,391 million dirhams.

The net purchase in the Abu Dhabi market was 71.354 million dirhams, compared to a net purchase in the Dubai market of 63.983 million dirhams.

The UAE financial market indices varied at the end of trading today, Tuesday, to coincide with the anticipation of inflation data from investors this week and the rise in dollar prices.

Earnings in the Dubai market were Dh 1,052 billion, or $ 289 million, while Abu Dhabi Securities Market’s losses were Dh 13 billion, or $ 3.53 billion.

The stock exchanges in Dubai and Abu Dhabi attracted a liquidity of 2.324 billion dirhams, spread over 28,209 deals.

The shares of 6 companies listed on the Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock exchanges, at the end of trading today, Tuesday, have acquired 41 percent of the liquidity recorded by the financial markets of the United Arab Emirates.

The trading values ​​of the six shares reached a liquidity of 949.113 billion dirhams at the end of today’s session, which represents 41 percent of the liquidity of the UAE’s financial markets, which amounted to 2.324 billion dirhams.

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