Watch .. With shocking boldness .. The most violent scene leaked by leader Adel Imam, who made Yusra bleed and cry, tear her dress and make acting a reality!

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Sunday 9 October 2022 01:41 – The film Message to the Governor is considered one of the best films presented by the two stars, Adel Imam and Yousra, during their series of films together. comes from the past in our world to meet the governor, who provoked a comedy resulting from the situations in which the leader falls.

But what many people may not know about the movie “Message to the Governor” is that one of its scenes caused a back injury to Yusra when the late Mustafa Metwally threatened Adel Imam by ripping her dress during a scene that no one who. he saw he expected it would cause panic and panic to the crew, the photography and the scene.

As soon as Mustafa Metwally grabbed the dress and pulled it, Yousra screamed terribly due to his severe pain, because the dress was not designed as agreed, so that it fell off as soon as he was caught by Metwally, as its threads were very strong, contrary to what was expected, so it was not easy to cut it on Yosra’s back.

As a result, with the strength of Metwally and the severity of the threads, Yusra’s body was bleeding from screaming and filming would stop, and then everyone was forced to check out director’s big star Nader Galal and Adel Imam, along with Mustafa Metwally , who went on to offer a series of apologies to Yousra.

After a period of reassurance about Yusra, the big star wanted to finish filming so they could finish it so they wouldn’t have to interrupt it and start over on another day.

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This is what Yousra and all the big stars are always used to in their work because they believe in the importance of time to complete their work.

The story of the film Message to the Governor

Harfush ibn Barquq al-Rakdar (Adel Imam) goes to the governor to send supplies to the besieged city of Rashid by the British. Along the way, he meets Hakim Rouhani, who sends him to Cairo in the 20th century to initiate a series of paradoxes and adventures, and to witness the deterioration of conditions in the country despite Rashid’s victory. With that leap of nearly two centuries, Harfouch explores the modern world and is accused of insanity, but he trusts the mission he came for, which is to deliver the message to the governor, Muhammad Ali Pasha, at the Cairo Citadel.

Yousra and Adel Imam

In her performance and spontaneity, actress Yousra took the throne of the greatest Egyptian actors and artists.All her films were with the heroes of Egyptian art and cinema, such as the artist Adel Imam, in which she participated in the most of his films. Actress Yousra, where she was known for her bold and hot scenes, hardly a movie she participated in was devoid of bold scenes, and that’s what we will talk about in our article, in which we will list the most daring and violent scenes she has had with the artist Adel Imam and the artist Mustafa Metwally …

▪︎ Yousra talks about her daring scenes with Adel Imam

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Egyptian actress Yousra felt that kisses and daring scenes in the cinema are not a fault, because the latter needs romance and imagination.

In his statements, Yousra responded to Adel Imam, who has talked about his bold scenes in his films, that Egyptian cinema all his life does it and features hot and bold scenes.

He added: The kissing scenes are neither a mistake nor a flaw as long as they are used in the film in a good and correct way and are placed in their natural place so that, if omitted, they will have a great impact on the cinematic work.

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