Krefeld lends exhibits for the exhibition “Adel an Rhein und Ruhr”

December 26, 2021 at 1:06 pm Krefeld art can be seen in Essen : Exhibition “Nobility on the Rhine and Ruhr” The exhibition “In a class of its own. Adel an Rhein und Ruhr ”in the Ruhr Museum Essen runs until the end of April. Photo: Ruhr Museum / DEIMEL + WITTMAR Krefeld In the […]

An Easy and Short Way to Download PDF Files to Word Online, Here’s the Link

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – The easy way and short download file PDF to Word which can be done online. Form file PDF can be converted to Word form with just one click. The easy way and short download PDF to Word. Also Read: Check Readiness Directly, Pangdam XVII Cenderawasih Visits Corn Field in Keerom Regency 1. Select […]

English Arsenal sign a four-year-old boy

Zayn Ali Sayman poses with Arsenal legend Per Mertesacker. / INSTAGRAM Londoners seize Zayn Ali Sayman, the world’s earliest signing In the world of sports it is common to see how records are broken over time. However, the one that was broken this Thursday is implausible. Arsenal, a London football club, has acquired the services […]

– The most important thing about getting vaccinated is not to avoid getting infected

61 new corona cases have been registered in Trondheim in the first three days of this week. Municipal chief physician in Trondheim, Tove Røsstad, is pleased that the infection rates remain stable. Photo: Camilla Alexandra Lie Published: 07.10.2021 10:51 Last updated: 07.10.2021 10:57 There are 27 men and 34 women who are infected. In terms […]

Man arrested after threatening situation in Trondheim: – We only heard the shout

Armed police ordered people in the house to come out with their hands over their heads, witnesses say. One person was arrested at Nidarvoll on Sunday night. Photo: Christine Schefte Published: 03.10.2021 19:15 Last updated: 03.10.2021 23:27 On Sunday evening, a police operation took place outside a home at Nidarvoll in Trondheim. .

Sentrumsgate in Oppdal destroyed by the strong wind

Both buildings and cars in Oppdal have been damaged after roof tiles were torn off in the wind. An exhibition tent was torn to shreds by the wind in Oppdal. Photo: Ludvig Killingberg Published: 03.10.2021 15:35 Last updated: 03.10.2021 15:35 On Sunday afternoon, a yellow warning was sent out for Trøndelag and Møre og Romsdal. […]

Took witnesses handcuffed from a building on Lademoen

Police went into action in a building on Lademoen in search of perpetrators after a man was shot Thursday night. On Thursday afternoon, other addresses will be checked. A man who has the status of a witness was taken out of the building and taken in a police car. Photo: Håvard haugseth jensen Published: 30.09.2021 […]