Prevent Dengue Disease, Do These 6 Ways You Can Do To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes At Home

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Larvae mosquito can be harmful to health. One of a kind mosquito which is a medium for disease transmission dengue fever dengue or DBD is mosquito Aedes aegeypti. Disease DBD is a disease caused by the dengue virus that can be transmitted from one person to another through bites mosquito Aedes aegeypti. Reported […]

When is the Right Time to Sunbathe and What Are the Tips?

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM, JAKARTA – During the corona virus outbreak, one of the good things to prevent the virus from attacking the body can be done by sunbathing. To get ultaviolet B which contains vitamin B, time sunbathe which is good between 10.00-12.00. Then what about when it’s cloudy at that time, is it still there? sinar […]

Confused about choosing a lipstick color? Try These 3 Coral Lipsticks

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Owners of tan skin usually really like coral colored lipstick, because it is a spectrum of pink and orange colors which are perfect for everyday wear. For those of you who have brown skin usually wearing lipstick this color will increasingly add attractive and also charming. Coral lipstick looks natural because the color […]

IN VIDEO | A baseball stadium completely submerged in water

Flooding in New York City and elsewhere on the east coast of the United States has been documented in spooky images on social media since Wednesday night, and the sports world has not escaped it. • Read also: At least 14 dead in New York floods • Read also: IN IMAGES | Historic floods in […]