The Egyptian Minister of Health discusses the preparations for the launch of the initiative to support the mental health of citizens

Cairo – Mubasher: Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar affirmed his full support for initiatives and programs that concern mental health and instill a culture of recovery from mental disorders and rehabilitation, which helps to improve the quality of citizens’ lives and to face the changes that occur in societies.

This took place during a meeting held Sunday evening by the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, to follow up on the preparations for the launch of an initiative aimed at supporting the mental health of different age groups, in the scope of the state’s efforts to take care of the public health of citizens, according to today’s statement.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, official spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, indicated that the minister discussed during the meeting the axes and work mechanisms of the initiative, which focus on (research axis, awareness axis, service axis in health facilities, services provided at a distance).

Abdel Ghaffar explained that the minister discussed the mechanisms for updating working tools in the National Survey on Mental Disorders, Drug Abuse, Disability and the Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Citizens’ Mental Health, as well as to update the map of care for patients with addiction, underlining the importance of the research axis in the correct planning of mental health services and analyzing the behaviors of individuals with mental disorders, the availability of psychological services and the facilitation of the integration of patients in society.

Abdul Ghaffar stressed that the minister stressed the importance of mental health education and awareness campaigns aimed at different ages, and their importance for the individual and society, to limit the spread of negative psychological phenomena, change citizens’ misconceptions and remove the stigma on mental illness, which contributes to reducing some psychological phenomena that have recently spread in societies.

He adds that the meeting discussed the mechanisms for integrating mental health services into health care services provided to citizens in coordination between the various sectors of the ministry, and the training of health service providers on guidelines for diagnosis. mental illnesses through training courses and programs provided to (doctors, nurses, psychologists and social specialists).

“Abdul Ghaffar” added that the minister was also informed on the progress of the work on mental health services and on the advice provided “remotely” through the hotlines and the national electronic platform for mental health services and treatment of dependencies, as this platform received 48,000 visitors within 5 months of its launch, leading the increase in executives working in these electronic services.

Abdul Ghaffar stressed that the minister has followed the progress of the work with the equipment in progress in the centers of excellence dedicated to the care of children with autism, and includes 6 centers distributed in the governorates.

Abdel Ghaffar revealed that the minister stressed the importance of integrating mental health initiatives for school students, while following the implementation mechanisms of the mental health program in educational facilities, applied to a group of schools in 2017. , directing the circulation of this model, which aims to help teachers improve understanding of the importance of health Psychology in the school environment, follow-up of child development, provide appropriate interventions for those suffering from psychological disorders and distinguish between signs of mental illness and psychological stress that appear on children.

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