Prince William announced a $ 1.4 million bonus

Prince William PHOTO: Reuters Britain’s Prince William has called on innovators around the world to run for his Urshot Prize in a race to find new ways to tackle climate change, the Associated Press reported. Prince William and his charity Royal Foundation created the award in 2020, inspired by a 1962 speech by US President […]

A British woman was found dead in a camper on a Chengene scaffolding near Burgas

Chengene Scaffolding Cultural and Tourist Complex A British woman was found dead in a camper located in the tourist complex Chengene Skele near the fishing village near Burgas. According to police, it was a suicide. The British woman is 54 years old and was found with stab wounds in her leg, all covered in blood. […]

Doctor: Omicron-infected children suffer from unusual rashes

PHOTO: Pixabay The British doctor David Lloyd revealed the symptoms of children infected with Omicron. “Children infected with the Omicron strain of coronavirus can get an ‘unusual’ and aggressive rash,” British doctor David Lloyd told Sky News. As noted by the doctor, there are some differences in the symptoms of children infected with Omicron, compared […]

British PM considers revoking passports of Class A drug users

Boris Johnson PHOTO Reuters The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned drug users that “there is nowhere to hide”, as he is considering confiscating passports and driver’s licenses of those who are caught using Class A drugs, the Times reports. Under the government’s plans, drug addicts will be encouraged to take drug harm awareness courses, […]

Former royal aide: Princess Diana was the first to cheat on Prince Charles

Princess Diana PHOTO: Reuters Princess Diana was the first to stray from the right path in her marriage to Prince Charles, even before his affair with Camilla, claims a former aide to the royal court. The relationship of the latter two is one of the most talked about topics about the British family. But Alan […]

Death threats to writer Joan K. Rowling

Joan K. Rowling PHOTO: Reuters British writer Joan K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter adventures, said she had received a number of death threats, she said, from transgender rights activists who accused her of transphobia, AFP reported. She thanked the Scottish police for their support after three activists posted on Twitter a photo in […]

Greta Thunberg criticized Boris Johnson for renting a plane, it was hypocritical

Greta Thunberg PHOTO: Reuters Eco-activist Greta Thunberg today criticized the travels of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a government-hired plane to participate in the international conference COP26, organized in the Scottish city of Glasgow, and described the behavior of world leaders as “hypocritical”, AFP reported. The climate crisis is clearly not caused by private […]

An Afghan woman living in Bulgaria, a pilot, is looking for a job

The first all-female crew in the history of Afghan aviation, Mohadese Mirzae, is third from left to right, March 7, 2021. Photo: Facebook / Camera Mohadese Mirzae lives in Sofia after leaving his family and his dream job in Afghanistan three months ago, writes the British Guardian newspaper. At 23, Mirzae is the first lady […]

“Financial Times”: The Bulgarians gave an unexpected impetus to a new centrist force

The leaders of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev embrace late Sunday night, confident that they are the first in the elections. PHOTO: NIKOLAI LITOV “A new centrist party is making a breakthrough in the elections.” With this headline, the British newspaper “Financial Times” published today a report dedicated to the elections […]

The Guardian: Europe is back in the dark days of COVID-19

Europe goes back to the “dark times” of Covid-19, summarizes the British newspaper The Guardian, quoted by FOCUS News Agency. The continent has once again become the center of a global coronavirus epidemic. European countries from the Baltic to the Mediterranean are preparing to tighten measures to counter the new wave of the virus. What […]