RTE Celebrities in Turmoil as Executives Select Next Host for The Late Late Show.

The Late Late Show has been a beloved staple of Irish television since its inception over five decades ago. Hosted by the legendary Gay Byrne for over 35 years, the show has welcomed some of the biggest names in music, entertainment, and politics. Since Byrne’s retirement in 1999, a number of high-profile presenters have taken […]

“On St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland is Blossoming”

Green is the color of the traditional parade of the Saint Patrick’s day which has brought tens of thousands of tourists to Dublin to celebrate the national holiday of Ireland. Music bands, floats, and aerial acrobatics that filled the streets of the Irish capital on Friday. Following the annual St. Patrick’s Day tradition, Irish Prime […]

“Grand Charles” Makes a Successful Return to Business in Six Nations with Ollivon

By Arnaud Coudry Posted 3 hours ago , Update 3 hours ago Charles Ollivon, during the meeting between France and Italy during the Six Nations tournament, last February. Iacobucci Marco/Iacobucci Marco/IPA/ABACA DECRYPTION – The third line confirmed, against England last Saturday, his return to the fore. A double for history. Like Thibaud Flament and Damian […]

Why Is Ireland Split Into Two Countries? Turns out this is the reason

Jakarta – The Island of Ireland which comprises the Republic of Ireland which is a sovereign country and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom. Then why is Ireland divided into two countries? Let’s see the explanation. Quoted from Britannica, the Republic of Ireland had a difficult birth. Ruled by Great Britain since […]

The truth: courtship orgy with spanking

Lent in Ireland – time of ancient rites and traditions. For example, if you want to get married quickly, you have to go to the island in front of the island. For every Irish problem there is an Irish solution. Lent also began in Ireland last Wednesday: 40 days during which carnal desires of all […]

Expectation for the possible agreement between Sunak and Von der Leyen on Northern Ireland

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakreceives this Monday the president of the European Commission (EC), ursula von de leyenoutside London to try to clinch a deal on Northern Ireland’s controversial Brexit protocol, after months of intense negotiations. Sunak is expected to meet with Von de Leyen around noon in Berkshire county, outside London, amidst the expectation […]

What is ETA? Why are the UK and Ireland negotiating to change the ETA travel permit?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a permit required for non-British and Irish citizens to enter the UK. Non-Irish citizens who are legally resident in Ireland need an ETA to cross the border into Northern Ireland. But reports suggest that some talks are now progressing to relax the system for some. Under the Common Travel […]