The UN named the time of the disappearance of African glaciers

Photo: Killimanjaro African countries will have to spend $ 30-50 billion annually to prevent the consequences of climate change. Africa’s glaciers could disappear by 2040. It is reported by Reuters with reference to the UN report. The document says that last year was abnormally warm and broke 30-year records. “The imminent disappearance of the […]

Created clothes that change size along with the fat owner

Photo: Clothes that change size along with the fat owner The outfit adapts to changes in the size of its owner. However, such wardrobe items are not affordable for everyone. Hunza G and Frame have created a versatile fit line. Invented things change along with the complexion of their owner who is getting fat […]

A step back for Brexit. They urgently issue 5,000 visas to truck drivers

The queues at gas stations are kilometers long. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson plans to change his policy completely and issue 5,000 visas for foreign truck drivers, after the country is in chaos and is already heading for a food crisis. Car owners completely ignored government advice, clogging gas stations in […]

Beliefs and evidence – El Financiero

Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. You will have already read some of the avalanche of analysis, remembrances, anecdotes that have been published for that reason. Among all this, I perceive a certain willingness to identify that moment as a turning point, a fundamental moment of […]

Terrible climate report – nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

Two of the report’s authors call for a reduction in carbon emissions. PHOTO: Reuters UN: Man is to blame for extreme floods, fires and heat We have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from climate change. This warns of a devastating UN report with the most frightening assessment to date. Scientists have been warning for […]

NASA says the ISS has changed orientation by 540 degrees due to Science

Photo: The ISS orbits over the southern Indian Ocean between Asia and Antarctica. Earlier on the space module Science, the engines suddenly turned on. This led to changes in the operation of the ISS. The Russian space module Nauka, which docked to the ISS, suffered a malfunction. The engines on it suddenly turned on. […]