Biden admits mysterious Havana syndrome

US President Joe Biden Photo: Reuters Police in Germany are investigating two cases of Havana Syndrome – attacks with sound weapons, among employees of the US Embassy in Berlin, and because of the increasing number of cases around the world, Joe Biden signed a decree to help victims of mysterious incidents, the New York Times […]

The tragedy of Babi Yar: the first “stumbling block” was installed in Kiev

Photo: DW The first of 80 “stumbling blocks” in Kiev In the near future, the German Embassy plans to install nine more such memorials, and over the next 70 years. On the 80th anniversary tragedies at Babi Yar in the capital of Ukraine for the first time a “stumbling block” appeared – the object of […]

Good Morning America: 09/23/2021

On the program today, September 23, the UN General Assembly in New York continues and in parallel there are events to address migration and climate change issues. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

“It is not a rupture” with America, specifies the ambassador of France

It is an “exceptional procedure” which “marks the seriousness of our reaction”. Philippe Étienne, the French ambassador to the United States, was recalled to Paris “for a consultation” on September 17, as was his counterpart in Australia. A decision came two days after the Oceanic state broke the “contract of the century” with France, an […]

Good Morning America: 09/16/2021

On today’s show, September 16, the White House kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Latino members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

The Taliban want diplomats to return to the country. We want to work together, he says

Taliban officials have called on Britain to return its diplomats to the country. According to the radical movement, good relations and international cooperation are important to them. The UN, meanwhile, has criticized human rights abuses there. In Afghanistan, embassies are now emptied and apparently hastily abandoned. The Taliban leadership wants the buildings to be filled […]

German Ambassador assessed Zelensky’s bill on oligarchs / GORDON

“As for me, this is a really bold first step. We need to give more powers to the Antimonopoly Committee, to finally finish the judicial reform … But this bill called“ deoligarchization ”is very symbolic, well-known and significant. It seems to me that something similar is needed. But in the long term, we just need […]

Russian flags, Golden Eagle patch, spy novels and plush toys. The media published a photo from the apartment of a possible spy of the Russian Federation in Germany

The publication notes that the British detained in Germany, David Smith, served as a guard at the embassy and did not have diplomatic immunity. The suspect, according to the prosecutor’s office, has worked for Russian intelligence at least since November 2020. It is believed that he did not have access to secure computers inside the […]

China recalls ambassador from Lithuania

Фото: Getty Images China recalled its ambassador from Lithuania Lithuania allowed Taiwan to open its embassy – China considers this to be an intersection of “red lines”. China recalled its ambassador from Lithuania, protesting against the opening of the Taiwan embassy in the country. About it informs Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday, August 10. “The […]

The United States dismisses 180 employees of consulates in the Russian Federation

USA fired foreign employees of consulates in the Russian Federation The Secretary of State thanked the people for their work and explained that the decision to fire them was the result of the decisions of the Russian authorities. The United States will fire 182 employees of the American diplomatic mission in Russia due to Moscow’s […]