Poland blames Germany for gas crisis

Morawiecki in the European Parliament criticized Germany and the EU The gas crisis on the European market was caused by Germany’s support for Nord Stream 2, Moravetsky said. The rise in gas prices in Europe was provoked by Germany, which supported the construction of Nord Stream-2. This statement was made in the European Parliament by […]

German media about gas, dependence on the Russian Federation and the role of Merkel

German journalists are actively discussing Putin’s goals, Gazprom’s gain, the role of Nord Stream 2, the mistakes of the German government and the EU’s objectives. “Putin blackmails for the sake of Nord Stream 2: how we get an expensive winter because of Merkel.” “Why is Putin dooming us to hellish energy prices this winter.” “Russia […]

The time of the origin of the oldest bad habit is named

Photo: flower.onego.ru Wild tobacco flower The inhabitants of North America began to use tobacco about 12 thousand years ago, and not three thousand years ago, as previously thought. American archaeologists from the Far West Anthropological Research Group excavated a hunter-gatherer site in Utah, and discovered charred tobacco seeds that are believed to have been used […]

Rada appealed to the EU on Ukraine’s membership

Photo: rada.gov.ua Rada adopted an appeal to European parliamentarians The Ukrainian parliament also calls for increased sanctions against Russia and a ban on Nord Stream 2. The Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Friday, October 8, adopted an appeal to the European Parliament and the parliaments of the EU countries with a call to recognize […]

Merkel wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine

Merkel: our task is to preserve Ukraine’s status as a gas transit partner German Chancellor said that Germany wants to keep gas transit through Ukraine after the launch of Nord Stream 2 The German government supports the project Nord Stream 2, but at the same time plans to keep Ukraine’s status as a gas transit […]

In Denmark, migrants will be obliged to work out the allowance

Photo: Getty In Denmark, migrants will be obliged to work in order to receive assistance from the state The rules are aimed primarily at women migrants. Six out of ten women from the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey do not work while in Denmark. The Danish government has changed the rule of payment of […]

Putin and Merkel discussed gas transit through Ukraine

Merkel and Putin talked for almost three hours Gas transit through Ukraine after 2024 will depend on supply contracts and the state of the GTS, and Nord Stream 2 is almost completed, the Russian president said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, during talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, August 20, spoke in favor of […]

Bankova disclosed details of Zelensky’s visit to the United States

Zelensky is going to the USA Preparations for the visit are in their final phase, the topic of Nord Stream-2 is planned to be discussed at a meeting with the American President in the context of Europe’s energy security. The press secretary of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Sergei Nikiforov, announced the details of the visit of […]

Athens in smoke, nothing can be seen, dozens of houses are burning (Obzor)

A Turkish actor puts on a hose and puts out the fires Hellfire is burning the northern parts of Athens and forcing thousands to flee their homes, the BBC reported. As a result of the fires over the Greek capital, clouds of smoke spread and nothing can be seen. At noon on Wednesday, the fire […]

Merkel and Putin discussed Nord Stream 2

“Bilateral issues” were also discussed During the conversation, the politicians discussed the implementation of the Minsk agreements, gas transit through Ukraine and the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, July 21, held a telephone conversation, during which they discussed the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2. About it […]