Overcoming COVID-19 Without Lockdowns and Masks, What Is the Fate of This Country?

Jakarta – This country doesn’t apply lockdown to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise with the use of masks, the Swedish health agency has not recommended wearing masks to all its citizens. “Sweden does not need face masks yet,” a top health official said on Thursday. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has updated […]

New York nach dem Lockdown: Angst and the City

IIn a building on the Upper West Side, a masked woman, trembling and with arms raised protectively, hugs the wall of the house, as if avoiding a grenade, because a woman without a mask came towards her – a rare, rebellious sight. People with face masks, plastic helmets and newspapers held in front of their […]

The market economy is in danger

Hamburg. As the first hard one in spring Lockdown Hamburgs economy met, they were Fears great that countless businesses in town would have to give up. It turned out differently. Ample state aid and the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency kept the companies alive here and throughout Germany. A generous short-time work […]

UK Appoints Minister of Vaccines to Guard Covid-19 Vaccine Injection

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson examines a vaccine sample in Salisbury, southern England. Photo taken on 27 November 2020. (Source: AP Photo / Adrian Dennis) LONDON, KOMPAS.TV – Prime Minister (PM) English Boris Johnson appointing Nadhim Zahawi as Minister Vaccine on Saturday (28/11) to supervise the injection vaccine Covid-19 for millions of people English. The […]

This is how the corona values ​​developed in Krefeld

November 28, 2020 at 7:45 am Paid content: Four-week balance : Lockdown light: This is how the corona values ​​developed in Krefeld <!– <!– <!– Employees of the municipal security service (KOD) check in the pedestrian zone whether everyone is wearing the mask. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld After four weeks with stricter rules, the […]

Corona Cases Rise in Several Cities in China, Lockdown Back? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Case corona virus back on the rise in some regions China, among others in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Manzhouli. In the latest update, these three regions have reported an increasing trend of infection cases Covid-19 in the last few days. Nonetheless, experts in China assured the public that the experience China had from the […]

Krefeld restaurants invent concepts for out-of-home business

November 19, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. Paid content: Gastronomy in Krefeld : Krefeld restaurants invent concepts for out-of-home business <!– <!– <!– In the Brasserie Verve at the new fire station, around 200 meals are served to the numerous customers in one evening. Photo: Ingo Sperling Krefeld How are the restaurateurs getting through the crisis […]

COVID measures in the Czech Republic What are the current government measures?

Second state of emergency declared on 5 October 2020 continues to apply and since then the government has been gradually tightens up the measures in the fight against coronavirus. Most measures apply until the end of the emergency, which the cabinet extended on Friday, November 20, after the approval of the Chamber of Deputies, until […]

Covid-19 numbers in Europe: Protests in Berlin, Bordeaux and Lisbon

This Sunday, around 1,000 corona skeptics took part in a so-called “silent march against discrimination and for human rights” in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. Most wore masks and tried to keep their distance. They were accompanied by almost as many counter-demonstrators who had gathered along the route. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number […]

A Bar in Rome Gives No Not Talking About Corona Virus

ROMA, KOMPAS.com – Of bar small on the outskirts of town Roma, the manager enforces a unique rule for his customers, namely that all related matters are strictly prohibited corona virus, lockdown, or virology. The message was clearly emblazoned on the poster above his bar. The bar manager hopes to give his clients a break […]