New York’s New Normal: The Beginning of the Nightmare’s End

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Eric Adams: The man who is supposed to be the new Mayor of New York

Dhe election count was chaotic. That’s why it took almost two weeks until the (provisional) winner of the New York mayoral election was finally determined: So his name is Eric Adams, and the most important thing about him is not his skin color – he will be the second black mayor of New York City […]

Visit to Queens, the underrated part of New York

Queens? What on earth is a Manhattan resident, let alone a tourist, doing in Queens? Of the five cities that make up New York, this one is ultimately the least known. Less known than Brooklyn, less well known even than Staten Island – Queens, that’s that Unknown landthrough which you drive when you want to […]

Broadway to Corona: The Big Sleep in New York

Es truely sad to walk in the theater district of New York today, a year and a month after the world plague reached America. Times Square is already different than it used to be: Before the pandemic, the wide space under neon signs was teeming with tourists. Today New Yorkers are among themselves, so there […]

New York: How it feels to go back to socializing as a vaccinated person

Dhe subway card still worked. That cannot be taken for granted – the yellow cards that are slipped through a narrow metal slit in New York to loosen the turnstile from its solidification have an expiry date; when they expire, they turn into a worthless piece of plastic. But my card still worked. The last […]

Russians in New York: “What do I care about the nonsense over there?”

Dhe Ukrainian Museum of New York is located on Second Avenue. No other visitor got lost here, the friendly elderly lady behind the cash register only speaks broken English. It points to brightly painted Easter eggs on the ground floor. “Everything hand-colored!” She says proudly, as if she herself had waved the brush. Not a […]

Joe Biden’s deep reform plans for the US

MSome of you may still remember the nickname that the (in this respect very creative) 45th President invented for Joe Biden: “Sleepy Joe”, Donald Trump called him, the sleepy Josef. Even his followers actually expected nothing more from Biden than a return to normalcy, to the status quo ante. A middle-class candidate who should reverse […]

New York: The world is still all right in these bookstores

JWell, we’re still around – people who love books. Whereby “books” do not mean blocks of letters on any electronic equipment whose names we neither can nor want to remember. No, books – these are wonderful structures, printed on paper, glued between two book covers, hard covers or paperbacks. Word universes that belong to none […]

New York: The Rotting City That Will Never Be Renovated

Vor America my teachers warned me. This land at the other end of the pond is essentially made up of plastic and artificiality. They said it was a haven of bad culture. Technically, these Americans are incredibly skillful (space flight), but unfortunately they are also without history. If my teachers could be trusted, the United […]

Staten Island: Lots of beach and greenery – that’s New York too

“After the one-story brick desert on the north coast of the island, at the Silbersee Park there are still trees, landscape, carefully trained to form a trellis and wind protection. Gentle road humps, tolerant of the vibrations of the land. Country houses from yesteryear, loyally reinforced with pillar porches, Greek made of wood … Casing […]