Corona in the USA: Why Republicans are now rewarding anti-vaccination campaigns

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Markus Lanz: And then Gabriel speculates about the next coup in the USA

EThere was a moment at the beginning when the ZDF Talk had the potential to really surprise. A visit to the state of West Virginia last year “refuted prejudices,” said SPD politician Sigmar Gabriel, ex-foreign minister and honorary chairman of the Atlantic Bridge, at Markus Lanz on Tuesday evening. Gabriel wanted to find out how […]

US election: Donald Trump wins Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia – Clinton wins Vermont

foreign countries US election Trump gewinnt Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia – Clinton holt Vermont – – Published on 11/09/2016 | Reading time: 2 minutes Donald Trump won three of the first four countries evaluated. The Republican presidential candidate prevailed in Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia on Tuesday. – – – Donald Trump won three of […]

US election: The results of the electoral crime in detail

Washington. It has been decided: Joe Biden has won the US election, Donald Trump has been voted out. These are the results in detail. – Results are available from the last two states: Joe Biden wins in Georgia and Donald Trump in North Carolina Biden has a total of 306 voters – 270 are enough […]

Joe Biden’s deep reform plans for the US

MSome of you may still remember the nickname that the (in this respect very creative) 45th President invented for Joe Biden: “Sleepy Joe”, Donald Trump called him, the sleepy Josef. Even his followers actually expected nothing more from Biden than a return to normalcy, to the status quo ante. A middle-class candidate who should reverse […]

Hospital ship: USNS “Comfort” is supposed to save New York from the virus

Vhe tugs are maneuvering Hope into port. Meter by meter until the sailors can tie the ropes to Pier 90. Hundreds of New Yorkers cheer them on. “The Navy will save us,” shouts a man. Another holds up a self-made sign, “Thank you, heroes” is written on it, thank you, heroes. For the citizens who […]

The Supreme Court throws down Trump’s election lawsuit in one sentence

Dhe US Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by Republicans to dismiss Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. The court denied a request for an injunction without comment on Tuesday. At the end of November, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court had ruled against the plaintiffs, led by Republican MP Mike Kelly. They had asked the court to […]

US presidential election: Before Trump’s coronation mass, his party argues over QAnon

Dhe thing is only a formality, but order has to be maintained. During their party convention, which starts on Monday, the Republicans become Donald Trump, 74, to nominate her presidential candidate. The Democrats recently met virtually for four days, but the Republicans in Charlotte, North Carolina, are meeting in real life – albeit on a […]

New model: Researchers fear 310,000 corona deaths in the USA

FAccording to a widely observed model, researchers fear even more corona deaths in the United States than last forecast. By early December, a total of almost 310,000 people could die after being infected with the virus, around 15,000 more than assumed two weeks ago. That came out on Friday evening from an update of the […]