European countries are hunting Russian spies

A number of revelations in recent years have shown that Europe’s fear of centrally located Russian spies has been well-founded, and with the war in Ukraine, the hunt for them has stepped up. Earlier this month, two Iranian-born brothers in Sweden, Peyman (42) and Payam Kia (35), were found guilty of spying for Russia’s military […]

The Execution of Former Deputy Minister of Defense of Iran Reaps International Condemnation!

London – Dead execusion what the authorities do Iran against the former Deputy Minister of Defense (Wamenhan) Alireza Akbari drew international criticism. Akbari, who is dual British-Iranian nationality, was hanged this weekend after being sentenced to death for spying. English. As reported AFPSaturday (14/1/2023), criticism came from British Foreign Minister James Cleverly who said that […]

Russia was preparing a coup in Bulgaria in 20…

The Russian military intelligence GRU was preparing a coup in Bulgaria on the model of the failed attempt in Montenegro in 2016. This was reported by the investigative journalist Hristo Grozev in an interview for Asen Genov’s “Counter Commentary” show. It should have happened a few months before the one in Podgorica, reports 24 hours. […]

China challenges US restrictions on semiconductors at the WTO

Published on : 12/13/2022 – 23:02 Beijing initiates proceedings against Washington before the World Trade Organization. China believes that the United States is breaking the rules of international trade with its restrictions on the export of American semiconductors to China. In October, the United States announced new export controls to limit Beijing’s ability to purchase […]

USA: Moscow tackled talks over zoo killings | free press

The murder of a Georgian in Berlin’s Tiergarten caused considerable tension even before the war in Ukraine. The Brittney Griner case apparently also involved Russians imprisoned in Germany. Washington. During the negotiations on the release of US basketball player Brittney Griner and another American, Russia has allegedly requested the transfer of the Russian convicted in […]

Extradition can save Norway headaches in the case of espionage: – A political choice

Brazil is investigating the visiting researcher accused of espionage who was arrested in October, according to VG. If the Brazilian authorities want to prosecute the man for forging documents, they can ask the Norwegian authorities to extradite him. So the case has to go to the Norwegian court first. There, the court will decide whether […]

Russian couple arrested in Sweden linked to the GRU

AFP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 18:44 A Russian couple arrested in Sweden this week for espionage are believed to have worked for Russia’s GRU intelligence service. Indications for this have emerged through research by the Bellingcat journalism research collective. At around 06:00 on Tuesday morning, two army helicopters appeared over an upscale neighborhood in Stockholm. Witnesses saw […]

MI5: Russian espionage “crushed” in Europe

The hunt for spies in Europe was greatly intensified when Russia invaded Ukraine in February this year. According to the head of the British intelligence service MI5, Ken McCallum, 600 Russian officials, including 400 designated as spies, were expelled from Europe this year. He writes Cnn. Along with the rejection of several hundred diplomatic visa […]

Expert on the case of espionage: severe blow to Russian intelligence

– It is a severe blow to Russian intelligence if they lose a so-called illegalist. It happens very rarely. They use a lot of resources to create such a spy, Lieutenant Colonel Geir Hågen Karlsen tells NTB. He is the Dean of the Staff School of Norwegian Armed Forces College. The 37-year-old, accused of espionage […]

What do the green and yellow dots in the iPhone mean?

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" says the newspaper "China" The British think these two points can be a warning sign. And clarify that the colon is an official alert from the company "Camel" Creator "I phone" that the microphone or camera has been activated. The notice was included in the update I released "Camel" For […]