Corona and the consequences: “New York City is forever dead”

NNew York sinks from the hot bad guy to the frail nursing case, which to leave is not an act of sensible self-love, but a cold abandonment. The climax of the debate was provided by an essay by James Altucher, published in the “New York Post”, whose diagnosis “New York City is forever dead” offended […]

When New York was a murder pit

VFrom the docks you have a good view of the city, the Manhattan skyline glitters at the other end of the harbor, and hip Brooklyn begins behind your back. So you can start the day in New York today, with this view, in this mood, with the sun on your face and the day ahead […]

Corona virus in New York: am I suitable for a hermit?

New York is the epicenter of the corona pandemic in the United States. Everyone flits past each other like shadows, the streets are empty. New York in a state of emergency: almost everyone is hooded Photo: Mark Lennihan / ap NEW YORK taz | My favorite postman is finally wearing gloves. Only his right index […]

Myth New York: City of fashion freaks – trip

If you want to know what the fashion city of New York is all about, ask a real New Yorker. Iris Apfel once said in an interview: “I’m not a pastel guy! Pastel colors make me nervous.” Apple would be called a fashionista if the term didn’t sound like 16-year-old bloggers with designer bags decorated […]

Why Donald Trump Treats New York So Badly

Trump sent a Navy hospital ship to New York City for Covid-19 patients, which is far too small. Photo: dpa/Xinhua/Guang Yu New York CityThere really is everything in New York City. Even a district called Corona. Since the Second World War, this wonderful city has been the symbol of economic, social, cultural, religious and scientific […]