Windsor, who entered the palace yesterday, was placed in a psychiatric hospital

A young man who entered Windsor Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating Christmas, was arrested this morning. PHOTO: Reuters The young man detained yesterday, who entered the grounds of Windsor Palace, where Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating Christmas, has been handed over to specialized medical staff, according to a statement from the London police. […]

Nintendo of America CEO reacts to situation at Activision-Blizzard

The American publisher Activision Blizzard has been in turmoil for a few weeks because of complaints linked to a priori widespread practices of moral harassment within the company. Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser sent an email to all NOA employees, including the Retro Studios and Next Level Games teams, to denounce the practice and […]

Boris Bekyarov, one of Vasil Bozhkov’s partners, was detained

Boris Bekyarov The 66-year-old mathematician and businessman Boris Bekyarov, who appeared today at the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office to be charged, has been detained, 24 Chasa has learned. The reason – the reason that he can hide has not disappeared. The accusation is for participation in the criminal group led by Vasil Bozhkov, who has been […]

In Bernay, this farrier specialized in the treatment of sick and injured horses

This article is for subscribers only Posted on 09/09/2021 at 12:21 François Halbout, farrier in Bernay, specializes in the treatment of horses suffering from diseases, such as laminitis. He makes it a point of honor to adapt each shoe to the anatomy of the animal, like an orthopedic sole. If he owns a workshop in […]

Mityo Ochite was admitted to cardiology as a matter of urgency

Dimitar Zhelyazkov – Mityo Ochite Dimitar Zhelyazkov-Ochite was admitted today at around 18:30 in the specialized cardiological hospital in Burgas “Heart and Brain”, Burgas media reported. His heart rate was 200 and his heart was beating, his lower and upper limits were constantly leveling off. Ochite was in his apartment in Nessebar, but he did […]

Balkan countries lose first Eurovision semifinal (Video)

Victoria at her second rehearsal on the Eurovision stage. Bulgaria is in the second semifinal night tomorrow. Then several more Balkan countries will present themselves – Greece, Serbia and Albania. Ten songs made it to the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. The first semi-final night was held last night in Rotterdam, according to specialized […]