“The Decadent and Delicious New York Roll Pastry Takes France by Storm”

The New York roll is quite simply THE fashionable pastry at the moment. Literally, it means “rolled from New York”. In detail, the New York roll is a croissant revisited in a round and flat shape with a false air of kouign-amann. It is therefore rolled up on itself like raisin bread, puff pastry, caramelized, […]

Why Europe and France should take the lead in the fight against climate change

The United States represented until recently, the first CO2 emitter in the world, before China overtook them. We owe this to two things. First of all, it’s still a country which has several hundred million inhabitants. And then, for historical reasons, they have emissions per capita that are very high. The territory is huge. You […]

“Introducing the Fifth Vital Sign: The Importance and Treatment of Pain”

Respiration, blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature are the four famous vital signs. Each of them provides essential information about the general functioning of our body and can indicate the existence of a disease. It is curious that, however, the main reason for consulting medical professionals is quite another: the pain. The appearance of it […]

The Growing Threat of Tiger Mosquitoes in France and How to Fight Them

On the mosquito front, several news are coming to us and they are not good, but we have reason to hope. First of all, as a result of global warming, the tiger mosquito is spreading in France. It is the vector of three diseases: dengue fever, chikungunya, and also zika, which are logically likely to […]

Telework Opportunity: A US City Offers 9,000 Euros for Settlement

A person telecommuting (illustration). Credit: Unsplash/Magnet.me In the United States, Tulsa, the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, offers move into her home in exchange for a grant of… $10,000! Or more than 9,000 euros. Tulsa is for people telecommuting for a company outside of Oklahoma. Everyone can therefore apply, as long as […]

Bordeaux March 28 Demonstration Sparks Concern Among Residents Over Potential Violence

In Bordeaux, from her hairdressing salon, Manon can clearly make out the charred door located about thirty meters from her window. Not really enough to reassure her: “Of course we are very afraid. We’re afraid to close, we’re afraid of everything that’s going to happen, of being gassed, it’s still quite violent. I don’t feel […]

Mac Lesggy explains why pedaling is good for your health

Living longer is good, living longer in good health is better! For the past few years, researchers have been exploring anything that could shorten that time interval in poor health before we die. Admit it: living to a certain age, in full health, and suddenly disappearing, that would be the dream. Unfortunately, in real life, […]