UAE Aims to Explore Venus and Asteroid Belt After Mars Mission

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — After launching an exploratory mission to Mars, now the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is again planning to carry out a space mission to Venus and the asteroid belt. As reported CNET, Thursday (7/10), the mission will be held in 12 years. Deputy Emir of the UAE, Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, who […]

Doomsday Warning! Solar Storm Will Change Earth Like Venus or Mars

SEMARANGKU – Scientists warn of a future where doomsday can be triggered by storm Sun. High energy thrown Sun has the potential to cause destruction in Earth, its destructive imprint can be seen in planet other. Astrophysicist Dr Michelle Thaller warns storm Sun can make Earth as planet Venus or Mars. Also Read: The sun […]

NASA talks about the possibility of the sun rising from the west

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A viral news some time ago revealed the sun rose from the west. It is even mentioned that this phenomenon makes it closer to the apocalypse and NASA is said to support that claim. The news comes from a post on Facebook and is written in Thai and also appears with […]

When the Sun Appears from the West, What Happens?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As is known on Earth, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But NASA revealed there is one planet that experienced the opposite. The United States (US) Space Agency said on Venus, the sun rises from the west. The reason is that the second planet in the […]

Could the Sun Rise from the West? This is NASA’s Explanation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Every day on Earth, the sun always rises in the east and then sets in the west. So can the sun rise from the west? On Earth, the Sun, Moon, planets and stars all rise in the east and set in the west. The reason is that the earth rotates towards […]

2021 PH27, The Fastest and Most Brave Asteroid Approaching the Sun

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Like one sprinter, a asteroid was found darting fast around the sun. He is faster than any other asteroid ever known. Astronomers believe the orbit will be unstable in the long term. Experts predict 2021 PH27 will hit the Sun, Mercury or Venus a few million years from now. That is, if […]

Completes Second Flight Over Venus, Europe Gets Closer to the Sun – Spacecraft Solar Orbiter from European Space Agency (ESA) has made its second flight over Venus. The Solar Orbiter harnesses the gravitational pull of Venus to help reach its destination towards the center of the solar system, Sun. Solar Orbiter is on its way to study the polar regions of the Sun in an […]

:: OSEL.CZ :: – There is a hell of a drought on Venus

Venus, nicknamed “our sister planet” by the view of the lens of the ship Mariner 10. The image in visible and ultraviolet light gives a peaceful impression. However, the planet’s surface shrouded in acid clouds is crushing high atmospheric pressure and suffering from water shortages. Credit: NASA. Life on Venus experiences periodic ups and downs. […]