Kidney diseases – which symptoms show what

How is the Anatomy of the kidneys? The kidneys are paired organs located in the human body on either side of the spine between the abdominal cavity and the back muscles at the level of the lower ribs. More specifically, between the twelfth thoracic vertebra and the third lumbar vertebra, with the right kidney sitting […]

Are they as harmless as you think?

On the packaging, the mention “sugar-free” has become a marketing argument. It is true that a high consumption of sugar is harmful, both for the waistline and for the heart. But do health-conscious people who are overweight or diabetic have anything to gain from these “sugar-free” products? Nothing is less secure. Because they often contain […]

The roster of Argentina for the 5th and last of Messi

Argentina roster revealed. No surprises. The boss is there to play his fifth and final World Cup. This is the case of Angel Di Maria. Despite his injury and his absence from the field for some time, Paulo Dybala is retained. Argentina is one of the contenders for the final crown even if Messi is […]

A beautiful tribute tonight to the near future retiree!

This evening, during the Barça-Almeria match, tribute will be paid to Gérard Piqué, the near future retiree. According to several concordant sources, a large cloth will be deployed on the field to honor Pique with the word “sempr3”, which means “always” in Catalan. His teammates will also wear a shirt with his image during the […]

8.2 billion in loans granted since the start of the program

Written by L’Opinion on Sunday 23 October 2022 The number of loans granted under the Intelaka program reached 49,882 loans for a total of 8.3 billion dirhams, according to the 2023 financial account presentation note. The funding granted under this program last year recorded a volume of commitments of approximately 3.8 billion dirhams, or 22,875 […]

This Monday, Morocco against the United States from 3:30 pm on BeIN Sports

The second day was characterized by the victory of the 3 African national teams Morocco, Nigeria and Tanzania. Tanzania created the surprise of the Tournament by beating France 2 to 1, even missing a penalty. Nigeria corrected New Zealand and Morocco was the clear winner of host country India. Tanzania and Nigeria are second in […]

New York declares a state of crisis

He was thought to have disappeared, but regretably he is earning a comeback … so a great deal so that on Friday the State of New York (in the United States) declared a “condition of emergency” from polio. Polio is envisioned to be practically eradicated by the 1960s (with just a hundred scenarios around the […]

Cervical sprain: what treatment?

For many Moroccans, every calendar year, whiplash typically takes place as a consequence of trauma and is a resource of extra or a lot less rigorous discomfort in the neck muscle mass. Generally benign, having said that, it necessitates proper treatment to steer clear of some complications. At the level of the neck, 7 vertebrae […]