Scientists have found out who is at risk of dying from COVID-19 even after vaccination

Photo: People over 85 years old with a large number of comorbidities are at risk of not surviving the coronavirus even with a vaccine Elderly people with a range of chronic diseases may not survive the coronavirus after being vaccinated. However, among the unvaccinated, this chance is still higher. Scientists from the Italian National […]

The CNDH and the Mediator of the Kingdom work together

Signed by the Mediator of the Kingdom, Mohamed Benalilou and the President of the CNDH Amina Bouayach, this convention aims to strengthen joint action in favor of the consolidation of the culture of law and obligation and to consolidate education in human rights. Man and citizenship in the practice of rights, able to establish the […]

of Spanish parties deplore the interference of the Ministry of Justice

At the meeting to be held on October 13, Maria Pilar Llop, of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), will replace the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, who will follow up on questions relating to the Ghali affair. in front of the parliamentarians of the Popular Party. It should be noted that the […]

Overnight Telegram Gains 70 Million Users

Facebook’s so-called “Black Monday” continues to reap the havoc it has wrought, arguably one of the most complex events in the history of Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. As it has already been reported in all specialized and non-specialized media, on Monday, for more than six hours, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram experienced an extremely serious blackout, one […]

Snapchat on a school book

Moroccan school programs continue to create controversy. This time, some Internet users pointed out the appearance of the Snapchat application on page 57 of the book on arts education. The photo has been around the Internet and has been strongly criticized by Internet users who believe that it is an incentive for children to use […]

A blood donation organized as a prelude to the festivities.

The JME 2021 organizing committee organized a blood donation day on September 30. The demonstration, held at the CRFPE in Rufisque, saw the participation of several teachers who donated blood. This is a prelude to Teachers’ Day which takes place each year to celebrate teachers across the world. It commemorates the signing of the ILO […]

The Mayor Mamadou H. Cissé, accompanies the volunteers of the toddler huts.

The mayor of Kédougou, Mamadou Hadji Cissé provides support to the volunteers of the toddlers’ huts, newly recruited by the State of Senegal. They are currently staying in Kolda for the purposes of their training. Indeed, the latter, who number 10 nationals of the region, live in precarious conditions, relating to the payment of rent, […]

Instagram is toxic to the mental health of young girls

Originally, social networks were meant to be convivial spaces. However, “32% of teenage girls say that when they feel bad about themselves, it gets worse when they go to Instagram. The comparison with the bodies shown on Instagram can change the image that young women have of themselves and the way they describe themselves, ”says […]

What about security?

App. Applications. These buzzwords are sort of becoming indispensable parts of our lives. As the internet grows and technology evolves, these applications become more and more sophisticated and more and more important in our daily routine. A bunch of apps come across as being great for young adults, but turn out to be pretty scary. […]