They invite to donate books for the Kiki Romero library

Ciudad Juárez.- Throughout December, GazPro has celebrated Christmas with children from different homes in Ciudad Juárez, bringing toys and sweets, making them spend a season of joy. GazPro, those of the little bee, made a visit to the children to deliver the gifts, the bee visited Casa Eudes, Casa Asís, Community Dining Room, Toy House […]

Omicron strengthens the neutralizing immunity against the Delta variant

The new variant of the coronavirus – Omicron Photo: Pixabey Omicron may displace Delta, as infection with the new variant of the coronavirus boosts immunity to the previous one, according to a study by South African scientists, writes BTA, citing Reuters. Coronavirus Omicron infection increases neutralizing immunity against Delta, the researchers said. The study included […]

Judge orders New York Times to return Veritas Project memos

In an unusual written ruling, Westchester County Supreme Court Justice Charles Wood ordered the New York Times to return to Project Veritas any physical copies of legal memoranda prepared by one of the group’s attorneys and to destroy the electronic versions. Wood had issued a temporary order against the New York Times last month, drawing […]

The effects that the pandemic will leave in Latin America, according to economists

The US think-tank Center for Economic and Political Research (Cepr) has released a new electronic book entitled ‘Latin America: the post-pandemic decade’, which compiles a series of conversations with 14 researchers and economists Latin Americans on the possible future of the region after the covid-19 pandemic. The book delves into the problems of Latin America […]

The most hated brand in every country in America

The most hated brand in every country in America Monday, December 20, 2021 The most hated brand in every country in America Musk, the one who will pay the most taxesAfter Time magazine put Elon Musk (1971) on its cover as the character of the year, US congressmen expressed on social networks that as well […]

A new group of people will be able to receive the booster dose starting Tuesday

The Ministry of Health announced that the booster doses would be applied in the same way as the National Vaccination Plan (PNV) began, in stages according to age and comorbidities. Therefore, starting this Tuesday, December 21, the vaccination will begin with a third (or second in the case of Janssen) doses, for people belonging to […]

Marvel Studios hits theaters with Spider-Man: No Road Home

Spider Man: No way home action and adventure in 148 minutes. For the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, the friendly hero and neighbor is unmasked, and he can no longer separate his normal life from the high stakes of being a superhero. When ask Doctor Strange for help, these risks become more […]